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Originally Posted by pattyks44 View Post
My 3rd week of Density Afterburn went well for Workouts A and B - I increased the weights on these workouts and didn't lose at lot on the rounds, in fact most were the same or higher than last week with the lower weights so that was awesome. Workout C this week was a little difficult....I ended doing this workout later in the day (after 8pm) and I struggled with a lot of my numbers in the Bodyweight Frenzy below the previous week - it probably would have been a good idea to defer this workout to Saturday as my energy just wasn't there but I pushed through. I did manage to get off-day activities in on Tuesday and Thursday (35 minute walks) and Saturday (boxing bag workout with kettlebell finisher) with a rest day on Sunday. So basically a good week on the workout front...

On the nutrition front, I was doing well until about Thursday when "that time of the month" hit and I ended up not having a great weekend food-wise. I made the mistake of bringing a particular item in the house, thinking that I could control the consumption, but I was dead wrong. The item is now finished but I am sure that some damage was done. Moving on from that work on Tuesday, I said "no thanks" to not one but two cakes that were available at a meeting - to be honest, just the thought of having that sweet cake held very little appeal so maybe the mindset thing is starting to kick in!

The beginning of this week has been difficult which is why this update is a little late. One of my cats was sick on Sunday and I took him to the vet on Monday and discovered he had a urinary tract blockage. He remains in the vet hospital today (Wednesday) but hopefully he will be coming home today. And yesterday, I took my vehicle in for the 3rd time so they could figure out where an oil leak was and they found the issue, but my vehicle is still in the garage until they can fix it and determine whether it will be covered by the car manufacturer since my warranty just ran out about 2 months ago. I am feeling weary physically and emotionally and trying to stay on track through it all - not a great week to be finishing off my transformation, but I will make it through the best I can.

Hopefully the rest of the week looks up and I will finish strong - another challenge is a dinner out on Saturday at a fancy-schmancy restaurant - I will try and pick the best option possible on the menu and no dessert!
Pick out what you'll eat before you go (this always helps me). If you go in blindly, the epic photos on the menu will hold you prisoner (ha-ha).

Finish this thing strong - you got this! People always shine their best through adversity.

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