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Today is Day 54 of 84. 30 days left and my workouts have been good but nutrition is average. I have not gianed nor loss any weight but then again I am in decent shape to begin with so its not all about weight for me. I did want to get down to 200 pounds though. So with 30 days to go and 6 pounds to lose I am commiting to low carbs and no eating after 7pm for the next 30 days and lets see what can happen. I will also do extra HIIT after my workouts to help the weight loss. Here is yesterdays and todays WO:



1a- DB Chest press 60/70/80 lbs x 8
1b- Chinups - 8/8/7
1c- Sprints x3 x3

2a- Pike Pushup 15 x 3
2b- Seated Row 120/135/150 x 12
2c- Jumps 12 x 3

3a- Dips with Knee Up - 15/12/12
3b- DB Rear raise 15/17.5/20 x 12
3c- sprints x 3 x 3

Finished with toe touches 20 x 2 and stretching

Today 2/23/2010

Foam Roll
OH SQ- 10 x 2
Chest Stretch x 2
Stick Up - 10 x 2
1 leg hip ext - 10 per leg x2
plank- 60 sec x2
side plank - 30 sec per side x 2
WYT on Ball - 10 each
Leg Stretch Upper Body Stretch
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