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Default 1/2 way there entry!

Mantra: I am transforming my life for my wife and kids. I am transforming my life for me. This transformation is being controlled by me.
My transformation into an overweight, lazy, drinking too much, eating too much guy happened because I allowed outside forces to control me.

Those forces were trying to run a crime scene clean-up business(erratic hours barely scratches the surface) while being a stay at home dad of at first one boy them 18 months later two boys! Then add in the fact that I was not able to physically keep up with my optimistic goals of our home renovation project. I have to admit I got depressed and decided to numb the world, in order to cope with the stresses. I knew it was not fixing anything and in fact it added to the stresses. So I did an accounting of my life, so I could turn things around. I realized that when I was a runner and in better shape I was happy to take on challenges and I handled stresses better. So I started a couch to 5K plan. Quickly I began dealing with pain from plantar fasciitis. Eventually I had to admit I had gained too much weight and needed to drops some pounds in order to run again. Well after a number of all-night infomercials I gave in to trying P90X. After all who can't give an hour a day to improve their health/life? Well it turns out I can't.

So I quit that plan twice. And regained all the weight I lost plus some. One late night while surfing the web I found a YouTube video comparing the efficiency of Turbulence Training to that of P90X. I was skeptical to say the least. After that I researched Turbulence Training’s programs for several months. I could not find anything negative. So I went ahead and purchased Craig’s TT for fat loss Manual. Then I steeled myself for what was to come. I felt like if this did not work for me I might not be able to get my athletic happy self back. On 9/15/2011 I embarked onto the challenge of getting back to me.

As I started this challenge I was the heaviest I had ever been 226.2 pounds. I knew if I got hurt or discouraged I would probably quit. I started with Craig’s diet guidelines as well as some of his friend’s dietary ideas. The best part of the Turbulence Training diet plan is it is totally empowering. To some it up, I like this quote…“Give a man a fish, feed him for a night. Teach a man to fish, feed him for life.” So I started the TT for fat loss manual with introductory workouts. I defiantly broke a sweat and then some. The workouts were not too hard, but hard enough to let me know I did something good for me. In week two I moved to the beginner workouts. In the second week of beginner workouts I wanted more challenge so I added some reps and a third set to the super sets. Oh yeah that did it. It's nice that Craig in all his work outs gives you permission to be flexible to fit your level of fitness. After three weeks of beginner workouts I have moved into the Intermediate Workouts and began to add in some Six minute AB circuits to the end before my intervals. Currently I am just finishing my sixth week and my second week of Intermediate workouts w/6Min. ABS. I have lost so far 28.2 pounds and weigh under 200LBS for the first time in two years. I currently weigh in at 198.00 pounds. That is awesome to be able to say.

The best part of all this is that my life is turning around. I am optimistic again, I am exuding a lot more patients with my children, I look forward to playing with them, I haves tons of extra energy. My wife and I are also getting along much better again. She even said I'm looking kinda hot again. Wait until she sees me on week be continued.

226.2 LBS
10/15/11 Measurements 10/26/11 Changes
Weight 202 LBS 198 LBS -4 LBS
Neck -------------15-½” 15.0” -1/2”
Chest-------------44-1/2” 43 ¾” -1/2”
Naval ------------39-3/8” 38 ¾” -3/8”
Love Handles--- 41-1/8” 40-1/8” -1”

Thanks for the opportunity,
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