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Default Workout journal

Had a day off gym yesterday, was not able to fit into the day as working then too many after school activities but was happy to have rest.


Workout B from TTK5 - wow that was great. (I only did 2 supersets of each exercise as this is my first time in doing this new programme)

Loved the decline pushups, managed to 20 the first time, and 15 the second time around without stopping. then did the other 5.

Found the Incline rows quite tough, but will keep going. Think that's tecnique too.

I still look pretty stupid trying to do the real chinups so I am using the assisted machine in the gym! (for now!) - I will get to the real ones one day!

Also took measurements and weight on Tuesday night, I just need to post them and my photos, still not quite got the courage for that yet!

Will get my body fat measured tomorrow at work, by an expert, she is also going to do my husbands too so he is joingin me in the competiton.

Keep up the great work eveyrone.

Cheers for now

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