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It's been another good couple of days. Played squash yesterday morning and was surprised at my improved fitness since my last game a couple of months ago.

Have dropped 4 pounds in the last two weeks and am now down to 19% body fat.

However, stupidly I still didn't take my before pics! Will get them done this week. Probably not great that I've delayed but I'm still extremely motivated so I think a couple of extra weeks is a good thing. The main reason I'm doing this is to complete the transformation and see how much I can achieve with consistency and dedication.

Today was workout A of Original. I did

1a) RDLs, 3 x 44 (22 pound dumbbells)
1b) Bench press, 3 x 66

2a) Split squats 3 x 60 (30 pound dumbells)
2b) One arm shoulder press, 1 x 26, 2 x 30

Ended it with intervals on the bike.

Have a bit of knee pain so am going to rest up tonight. I had been invited to do a 3 hour hike this evening but I'm going to take the precautionary measure of giving it a mess and taking some rest instead.
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