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I agree that all the responses to your last post will help with the cravings and handling cheat meals but I'd like to just reaffirm what Tatjana wrote - it may just be a case of will power and discipline in eating just one helping and portion and then being done with it. Think about how food is served in a restaurant - not a fast food place, a "proper" restaurant where you order and food is served at your table. You get just that portion on your plate, not more. You should plate your food the same way at home - that is your portion, no going back for seconds. Pack it or give it away beforehand if you have to.

I travel a lot for work and often need to eat at buffets as they are convenient and quick. But I use the same strategy - one trip, get the food your going to eat in one shot and then sit down and eat it as a single meal - no going back for seconds.

Just some ideas - see what you think.
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