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Originally Posted by billy_quiz View Post
Well, I took some photos today but I've decided not to post a formal entry.

The last couple of weeks have been pretty poor really, I've really been struggling for motivation or any sort of consistency. I've actually put back on a couple of pounds over the last two weeks.

Over the last 12 weeks, I've probably spent 50% of the time training consistently and making good practice and the other 50% struggling with diet and exercise.

Final results

Starting weight - 207 lbs
Finish weight - 190lbs

All in all I'm feeling pretty fed up at present and need to get my mojo back!!
Chris that is great! You dropped 17 lbs in 12 weeks. No doubt you are stronger and in better shape than you were 12 weeks ago.

I too am fed up with my results (lots of business travel meaning lots of food). I think you can look back on this time with a lot of success and the knowledge learned on how to do better. It would be good to see those pictures.
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