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Next Wednesday is picture day for me...
I have not really lost anything as far as weight goes this round of the challenge.
I was up a few pounds from last round and recently lost back to where I started the contest. I have not measured though.... So I will pay no mind to the scale at this second!

I know just because the scale is not changing doesn't necessarily mean my body hasn't changed. Other people are telling me I look we shall see with the measurements.

I personally feel I was distracted throughout this round. I self admit my diet was not as dialed in as I should have been.

I do take responsibility for my results and I will update final stats whether I like the results or not. Either way it will serve as a learning experience.

Onward and upward! I will succeed in my fat loss journey!

I was slightly upset with the family yesterday...
We went downtown to the farmers market and I ran into a friend of mine who had contacted me on facebook about coming in to the studio. So as I was chatting with my friend about the studio, my family explored on their own. Not a big deal, right? Wrong! They bought everything I would have advised them against.... baked goods....cookies and brownies. The husband's argument...they had natural ingredients. Oh please! Dear family, why don't we listen to Mom!
And to do it while I was distracted!

For the record I did not eat any of the goodies.
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