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Haven't taken my photos yet but started on the TTFL 2K6 workout on Monday. I should have taken a rest day on Tuesday but trying to be smart, I thought I would do the Bodyweight Ten on Tuesday as a nice, light inbetween activity ... how wrong I was! I was drained after two rounds!

Anyway, sanity prevails and I've now finished Workout B plus the B-II interval training and am looking forward to the rest day tomorrow with just maybe a long walk.

I have to say the workouts are really awesome and I'm just so stoked that I was actually able to do 3x15 stability ball jackknives. In September when I started TT on the introductory program, I couldn't do a single one.

By far the bulk of my fat is around my belly so it's hard to see the difference day by day which can be disheartening. Still, I feel my muscles all over my body ache in a good way and I will trust the diet and the exercise to do their job.

I know now I can do this program and I will stick with it.

On the upside, I can now wear size 34 jeans (albeit slightly tight around the waist) - woo hoo! I haven't been down that particular road in a long time! Now if only that blasted belly would go down. Also, I was all done in 50 minutes or so including the interval training. I feel great!

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