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Default Jenelle keeping the ball going

May as well keep on keeping on, I am on a roll after all.

Just throwing my hat into the ring for another Challenge that I intend to finish (and dare I say "place" in).

However at the moment I'm suffering from a lovely winter cold so workouts are nonexistent until I can stop coughing up a lung. I think the grandkid gave it too me or my son, the Marine, who always some some sort of crud from open barrack living - grrr! I did manage some finishers yesterday and it felt great but then I spent all last night coughing :P blah!! No problem though, it's a good time to sit down and create my goals and intentions for the next 3 months. I do plan on seeing some serious abs as well as a rounder, fuller back side just for starters.

See you all soon with all the particulars.

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