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Yeah, this caffeine reset is a bear.
I ended up napping yesterday as well. As Day 2 no caffeine commences I am alert at this time. I was a little cranky with my hubby last night. Mainly because he went out to watch the hockey game at the Mexican restaurant in town (walking distance from my studio) and instead of picking me up and taking me home I ended up walking to the Cantina to meet him for dinner. So no alcohol, no caffeine (my drink of choice when not drinking alcohol or water is iced tea) and having to eat healthy at a Mexican restaurant.... It was a test of patience.
I passed, except for the case of the crankies. Shh don't tell Bill but I am kinda glad the Red Wings lost last night so I am not forced to Mexican restaurants against my will... LOL
OK, I wasn't forced. I was hungry I could have taken my bike home not hitched a ride with my hubby.
I had a headache off and on for most of yesterday as a result of caffeine detox. This morning I am ok. A little foggy but alert. No headache.
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