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Workout A of Intermediate today. Been feeling a bit sick the last couple of days, but I pushed through, though not the whole thing.

3 sets of split squats/ incline press (with 27 pound dumbells)
2 rounds of the first circuit (TRX rows, Mountain Climbers, Stab Ball leg curls, Push Ups)
I got on the bike to do some intervals after but had a splitting headache so decided to give it a miss.
Beat afterwards. Hopefully Ill feel better tomorrow.

Nutrition today:
Breakfast (7am) Scrambled eggs with veg (squash, red onion, tomatoes), a greens drink and multi vitamin
Snack (11am) Almonds and an apple
Lunch (1pm) Vegan restaurant. Had lentil soup with a salad (with various veggies, a bit of houmous and some nuts in there), also had a shake which had soy yoghurt, spirulina, banana and papaya
PWO going to have a whey protein shake and a piece of fruit
Dinner planning some fish with roasted pumpkin and veggies
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