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Default My transformation

Hi guys,

Sorry for the delay, but it seems that my mail adress is not working, and the pictures could not be submitted yesterday


Well where I should start? I was always a fat kid. Even back in kindergarten. But I always wanted to be lean. In my childhood this was not a big problem for me but when I got into my teens, this became a serious one. I felt ashamed when I had to took off my shirt because of my fat body.
As others I also tried all kinds of things to lose weight and get a lean body. I did martial arts, several other sports and I was in good condition but always fatty. From 1998 I studied intensively and I did not have a chance to do any physical activity. I love to eat, especially the sweet things and the end result was that I weighted 104kg (229lbs) @175 cm (5í7). My wife and me qualified to a journey to the USA. But I couldnít enjoy that holiday because I was too heavy!!! I decided to do something about this. In December 2008 I started doing Kettlebell exercises. I loved it and lost 18kg (40lbs) till 2011 September. I tried every kind of diets but I still didnít face with that if I eat shit Iíll never be lean.
Then I met David and decided to ask him for a diet. He asked me about definite goals with definite numbers. He gave me the direction but I had to put my goal there. It would be a normal story if he didnít ask me one more question: Would I like to participate in a contest?
I said yes because Iím a competitive person so much! I got so much excited and thank you Craig Ballantyne for organizing this contest. I love to compete and win !!!! If this contest would not exist I wouldnít have been that successful in losing weight. Iím so grateful for this competition because all the participants are winners. Theyíre all losing weight and getting in a better and healthier state.
So we started with Eat-stop-Eat and changed to Leangains method losing weight! In the first 6 weeks we did so well and I lost 10 kgs (23lbs) and I knew the real hard work starts here. 2nd 6 weeks I used Kettlebells, double 32kg (70lbs) and double 28 kg (60lbs), besides that we used heavy weights for deadlifts , bench press, etc to burn more calories and keep more muscles (As I had access the the TT Forums, I really could choose from whatever training programs I desired. So we chose TT for Meatheads programs and itís versions.). I have to confess to David and Gabi who help me a lot that I sometimes did 6 trainings per week, in the last days I had 2 trainings per day! Iím so passionate to lose weight and win !!! 
How I have persistence and power to make this? I put a goal to reach! I wanted 10% body fat by summer and now Iím at 11%! So Iím quite satisfied!
Despite the contest being finished I will not stop right now!!!! Iíll continue this lifestyle and my new goal is 8% and I know the way how to reach it!
Iím happy and healthy and on the way to get ripped!
Thank you Craig for the contest and the TT methods and thank you Gabi for the hard trainings and last but not least David who helped me a lot and showed me the way how to live lean easily!
So after 12weeks my results are:

Before (Sept 14.)
Shoulders at 126 cm (49.5in),
weight was 90kg (198.5lbs),
waist 98 cm (38.6in)

After 6weeks (Oct. 26)
Shoulders still 126cm (49.5in),
Weight is 79.5kg (175lbs a loss of 24.5lbs!),
Waist is 86 cm (33.8in a loss of 5 in!).

After 12weeks (Dec. 7)
Shoulders at 129cm (50.7in, a gain of 1.2inches!)
weight is 77kg (169lbs a loss of 28.5lbs!)
waist is 82cm (32in a loss of 6.3inches!)

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