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Originally Posted by cesium0122 View Post
Soooo....I went to the gym and ran 5K on the treadmill. Wearing my running tights. I don't mind wearing them outside and people just pass me by, but on the treadmill I felt like people were staring at my rear end the whole time. Those running tights don't hide anything, lol.
Ah, running tights! I had totally forgotten about those! They don't hide a thing do they. Well, let them look! Most people are probably just wishing they could run as they trudge along on the boring old treadmill. Good luck in your race!

I did track in HS and 1st yr of college, threw discus and shot but I did quite a lot of running with the rest of the team too. I used to have a pair of hot pinkish orange running tights and purple ones too, in high school. I think we used to wear boxer shorts over them, it was the early 90s in upstate NY, what else can I say...Thanks for the trip down memory lane!
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