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Default Recovery day

Since today was a recovery day, I did 10 minutes on the elliptical, all my foam rolling, stretching, planks, etc., and 10 minutes on the bike to finish up. I am a bit sore in my upper back. I guess that must be from the swings!

Tomorrow is my first TT Adrenaline circuit challenge. I also have a 7:30 am conference call with someone in France. So it will be an early morning for me. Fortunately with Brian getting up early too, it's not so bad. He's following the TT for Meatheads workout right now. He thinks it's a lot different than what he had been doing before-much more intense and better. He said he can already feel the difference!

One more thing to report for today, nutrition goals:
Met all three with 8.5 servings fruit/veggies, 1.5 servings of nuts, and 1700 calories!

Every day now I seem to have at least one person who hasn't seen me in a while comment on my weight loss. It seems to me that the 20 lb mark is about when people start to notice. It's funny because most people ask me if I've taken up jogging. I always tell them about TT and interval training, and that research is showing that kind of strategy is much more effective than jogging or walking.
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