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Got the TT 2K8 workout in as planned, but no time to wash my hair before the picnic in the park for the kids who were in the production of Schoolhouse Rock Live I directed last month. Yes, I'll give up shiny fluffy hair for my workout any day! Really focused on getting the most out of every rep today, and I'm doing some little things to clean up my eating a bit more. I took the sugar free syrup out of my oat bran and used a little stevia and cinnamon, and I used a teaspoon of organic coconut oil on my ezekiel bread instead of reduced fat cream cheese. It was nice! Of course I brought my salad and fruit to the picnic and I was very happy to visit with everyone. At the age of 46 I'm finally learning to enjoy listening as much as I like talking.
Pork chop (I think I'm ready to start substituting something else for pork).
mixed green salad w/low cal dressing and lime juice
cauliflower- 1C
Spinach 1C
Salsa- 1/2 C
1 slice ezekiel bread w/ 1t coconut oil
1/2 canteloupe- sooo good- the california crop is coming in and they're so sweet and such a bright orange on the inside. As the price goes down the quality goes up- supply and demand!
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