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Good Day! I trimmed some fat from my food plan today. Still eating the same amount of items but making different choices like chicken breast instead of beef. Calories at 1,350 for the day. Life got in the way of my yoga class so I did some gardening and Tippy the dog got an extra walk. How can the days be getting longer and faster at the same time? Life is a paradox. Here's Dinner
4 oz chicken breast
7oz salad greens w/ low cal sugar free dressing
3oz cooked mushrooms
4oz microwaved spinach w/ 1/2 C salsa
1C mixed vegetables
I can't believe it's not butter spray
Pam organic olive oil spray
1 slice ezekiel raisin bread w/cinnamon
1t reduced fat cream cheese
Still feeling very comfortable and satisfied two and a half hours after dinner
Busy day tomorrow- TT2K8 workout B scheduled for 9:30AM
Fitness is Freedom.
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