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Originally Posted by Craig Ballantyne View Post

do you have a picture of a goal poster? That's the same thing as what the "Secret" calls "Vision boards", right?
Yes. They go by different names, and often content/configuration, but it's always the same premise. Visual aid to train your brain. I have one that will literally be 10 years old next month. I pull it out every time I have an injury flare up. I'll grab a pic of it and post it as an example.

Originally Posted by grrpurr75 View Post
OH - dont know is this is what you mean by goal posters - but i can go hand in hand.. Make fun of me if you wish, but it WORKS - take pics of "bodies" you like, and stick your face on them, or at least cut them out and post around your mirrors or wherever you have to see it every day, SO much easier envisioning YOURSELF that way!!! Heck yeah!
You're on the money there. The point of the visual aid is to train your brain, or in short, to talk yourself into success. As cesium posted earlier, you have to want it first, but after you want it, you have to find a way to keep the inner fight when setbacks or roadblocks crop up.
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