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Originally Posted by jmayeraz View Post
We went out to a fancy restaurant last night where you don't pick your food ... they pick it for you and bring it in courses with a wine pairing. You only tell them what you will NOT eat.

My friend got kangaroo meat for her main course. I tried some. I have to say, it was kind of like tough beef. But it tasted fine. It was cool to try something new.

My husband got venison which he thought was awesome. I grew up eating venison so I don't find that so exotic.

My main course was quail. My other friend had steak. Pretty run-of-mill.
yeah kangaroo's more gamey than beef so has a stronger flavour. I eat it regularly as here in Aus it's cheaper than good quality beef and is much better than run of the mill beef - lower in fat and no bodgy hormones etc.
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