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Originally Posted by missrobyn007 View Post
I didn't think you could get more gorgeous. I was on the transformationcontest site on Friday during my work break, showing one of the guys, and he said 'check out that chick in white', referring to you!!! You go girlfriend!!!
Oooh, I'm still a chick! Thanks Robyn. I really want to see how far I can take my health and fitness, and I want to encourage everybody to do the same. Mom used to say, "Take care of your teeth, you could live to 100." If so, I want to do it with enough physical stamina to keep having fun.

Melody- I had an insight at the table tonight, the feeling just before the last bite is fear. I'll finish this thought on your thread.

Nutrition today-
Calories- 1541
My fat/protein/carb pie chart is pretty balanced with the carbs being the most. Boy has that changed. Best of all, I'm over the RDA on all but 3 nutrients not counting my multi vitamin. I'll just post dinner here:
4oz steak
1/2 plain baked potato
2T salsa
7oz salad w/low cal dressing
2 C asparagus
1 small apple
1 slice ezekiel bread w/1T reduced fat cream cheese
By the time I'm done eating all this, I am alone at the table, my son has cleared the dishes and my husband is washing them. We're going to a Thai restaurant tomorrow for DH's birthday, and we had the menu out so that we could choose our dishes beforehand. It strikes me how incredibly lucky I am to have a family that is behind me 100% on this. Sometimes I worry that I'm getting way too self absorbed on my quest for fulfillment. I'll just have to remind them to let me know if it gets out of hand.
Fitness is Freedom.
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