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Default I am back on track

Hello all!

I know that it’s a long time since my last post in the forums! Ariane is pregnant (39 weeks!!!!), I got a research assistantship contract and am doing everything to finish my PhD thesis asap. So, life is quite busy around here – though I am aware that this is not an excuse.

I am still doing 3-4 resistance training every week (finished one Ferruggia’s program last week), but stopped doing sprints due to the crap weather. Last year I built considerable amount of muscle and my goal for the next 12 weeks is to get rid of the extra fat that came along. How am I going to achieve my goal? Turbulence Training and Eat Stop Eat! I will start with two fasts a week and with a weekly caloric budget of 13,700 (163 pounds x 12 x 7).

I am committed to log my food on My Fitness Pal at least 80% of the days during the contest, so it gives me roughly 70 days. My best results came when I logged my food and posted it in the forum, so I know it works and, more important, I know I can do it.

@Craig, I did not read the rules for the pro category, so I do not know whether I am eligible to any prize. I’m not doing this for money, but if I’m not eligible, please tell me only after 12 weeks

Today I started TT Meatheads 5 x 5 (May 2013) but am yet to decide what will come next.

My current numbers are as follow:

Height: 5’6.5” (goal 6ft LOL )
Weight: 163 pounds
Waist: 32.9 inches (goal 30 inches)
Right arm (flexed): 15.4 inches
Chest: 38.2 inches
Shoulder: 45.7 inches
Right thigh: 23.6 inches

All the best to all TT family. May 2015 be the best year of our lives!!
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