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great tips.

I've been eating broccoli all of my life because as a kid I used to drown it in butter. Over the years I've pulled the butter off, and now I even eat it raw.

Baby steps are the way to go for long term changes!

Originally Posted by fernandopolania View Post
Start with one change at a time. Diet cola instead of regular cola. 2% then 1% then skim milk instead of whole milk. Broccoli with cheese if you can't stand broccoli, then gradually ddecrease the cheese until you're just eating broccoli. Steamed broccoli tastes better than raw, at least to me. Fresh lime juice makes anything taste better, even vegetables. Crystal light mixed with water if you don't like plain water. Eventually you'll like plain water. Fat free mayo instead of regular mayo.

This is a lifestyle not just 12 weeks. Wish all the best.

Hope this helps.
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