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Originally Posted by Mike Whitfield View Post
It was the first Super Bowl with me NOT doing something I've been doing for years.

In the past, I would go "all-out" on Super Bowl Sunday... we're talking chips and dips, wings, sausage balls, chips/salsa and more... all BEFORE the "main dish". The main dish would be usually something like pizza.

Then it was a variety of 2-3 desserts that I would pile onto my plate.

12,000 calories later, I would finally stop eating.

But NOT this year.

Sure, I enjoyed my planned reward meal and dessert (steak fajita/cheese with a brownie).

But because we didn't go out and buy all those chips, dip, etc, I didn't pile on my usual 12k calories.

"Just because it's the Super Bowl, doesn't mean I go all out. Sure, I can eat my normal planned reward meal, but let's skip all the nonsense before and after. What I'm doing is working, so I need to stick with it." I said to my wife. She happily agreed (of course, she wouldn't cheat nearly as hard as I would - ha!).

And for the first time in years, I went to bed without feeling overly stuffed and miserable after a Super Bowl.

It looks like the Seahawks weren't the only one to get a win last night.

Cruise control,
Awesome! Nice work on not using super bowl as an excuse!
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