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Originally Posted by hal1 View Post
That's a bit rough sounding. I am not stranger to the 24-hour fast, but I don't know about a 38 hour fast...especially if you can only drink shakes the next day. Whew!

Anyway, definitely looking forward to continuing to read about your thoughts and progress on this program!
Will definitely keep you updated.

Free veggies kept me from tipping over the edge on the shake day. My love of protein powder has started to dwindle. The moderate carb day and depletion day are walk in the park. That is pretty much how I normally eat except I've been counting calories (which I normally do NOT do).

Originally Posted by TomHK View Post
Those fasts sound pretty hardcore! Not sure I could last out so long. Is it proving effective so far?
I've just finished my 5th day (1st cycle complete) so it's a bit hard to tell. I've dropped a lot of water because I can see my abs. The results from the 2nd cycle will give a better indication (in my expert opinion ).

What it has done is refocus my eating. I was getting a complacent and this has reigned me back in.
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