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Originally Posted by hal1 View Post
I like this analogy - and what in the world does GSD stand for?

Get sh*t done

I agree the 36-38 hour fast is tough. Not as tough the 2nd time around though. I woke up and ate an orange lol. The idea of the shake day is to not eat too many calories after a long fast while still getting the right macros in. I re-read the material last night too and decided I could eat an orange before working out and then not have any additional carbs in my post workout shake so that's what I did. I'm not a "free veggie" kind of girl but may be by tonight hehehe

My first "shake" was protein pudding make with coconut milk, chia seeds, protein powder, coconut and chocolate baking powder. Not bad and the chia makes it filling plus I can eat it with a spoon.
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