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Originally Posted by LJShona View Post
The fast day ... well, it kind of sucked. I stopped eating just before 6pm on Friday and didn't eat again until 8am today - 38 hours. All was ok yesterday. But I woke up today at 3am just plain HUNGRY and feeling queasy. Felt like a train wreck this morning, and I looked freakishly depleted in my upper body. So glad I re-read the material last night to realise I can eat free veggies today. Possibly the most exciting news of the day!

I'm not the only one doing it, so I need to put my big girl pants on and get on with it.

Anyway, hopefully "Ed" is shedding his layers .
That's a bit rough sounding. I am not stranger to the 24-hour fast, but I don't know about a 38 hour fast...especially if you can only drink shakes the next day. Whew!

Anyway, definitely looking forward to continuing to read about your thoughts and progress on this program!

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