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Default You're on Fire!

I love days when I jam through the to-do list! Do you ever watch american TV? In the 80's or maybe 90's??(it's all a blurr) Molly Shannon did a character on SNL named Mary Katherine Gallagher. It is probably my all-time favorite. She would stick her hands in the air and say superstar! That's the image I get in my head when I'm on fire! I actually have a pic of her as one of my profile pictures on Facebook. Sometimes after a few days of unprecedented productivity, I have to change my picture to Mary Katherine! You are a superstar!

Originally Posted by LJShona View Post
What a crazy week this one has been.

I have bitten the bullet and decided to do the XFLD. I've been inconsistent with my eating so the structure and rigidity of the XFLD will keep my on track. And knowing others are doing it makes it seem less intimidating.

Now while I've been inconsistent, my diet has remained clean with lots of protein and veggies. Lost another 1kg (2.2lbs) this week, but my measurements didn't really move. Now this... I am concerned with! Hence the change in diet.

Yesterday was cheat day (Friday); and today is fast day. We are on lockdown after the events in Cairo yesterday. With no adventures to be had I have made this my GSD day. (Loving that acronym BTW). My productivity has been through the roof, and I'm really enjoying the fast day (so far, the day is still young). Skyped with my family, caught up on outstanding emails, finalised all of the info for my tax return (ugh)... and plenty more to achieve. I'm even going to do all of my food prep for the week. Although there isn't really that much FOOD in my immediate future.

Top 3 things I am grateful for this week:
1. A privileged life. I have food, water, a home, an education, and a high degree of personal safety. Millions of people don't.
2. My friends, who are all over the place! But they each add something special to my life, and quite often make my day through the simplest things like a nice message or a phone call.
3. Technology. My internet was out most of yesterday, today it is back.
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