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Mikey, no excuses for eating horrible when you travel. Plan ahead, stay strong. Let's go!

Originally Posted by Mike Whitfield View Post
Lately, I've been asking myself a few questions...

"What if I was a little lighter and more mobile?"

"What if I was a little faster?"

"What if I had more energy... would I accomplish even more?"

So, it's time to find out. I've been "comfortable" maintaining my 105-lb weight loss for years now, but I know I would feel and perform even better if I became leaner.

This is the perfect year to do it, too. This year, I turn 40. There's no better gift I could give myself than better health. I also know that it will inspire my readers, too.

I'll practice what I preach and focus on outcome goals and not use the scale to measure progress or success, however, I will keep a watchful eye on it to see what "variables" affect it.

Instead, I'm continuing on what I've been doing for about 8 weeks now, and that's focusing on my kettlebell form and getting stronger, while improving my endurance (I just ordered my 53-lb KB, too!). I've never had so much fun "nailing" a KB Snatch or Clean. My fat loss will then become a by-product.

My workout plan is simple - 3 days of 15 - 30 minute KB workouts with 3 days of pickup basketball every week. I need to add some mobility work which I'll start off committing to doing one day a week (baby steps).

My eating plan will stay the same, however, instead of 8-10 pancakes on my reward meals, I'll go to 3 (ha-ha) . I'll also need to be more consistent and improve my weekends, which I successfully did this past weekend (that's right, I didn't wait until a Monday to start - you can start ANY day you want to). I know what I eat is maintaining my weight, so all that's needed is a little nutrition "tidy-up".

My challenge will be this week as I travel. Ironically, when I meet with dozens of other fitness professionals, I usually eat horrible. Ironic, right?

That will change this week as I have already contacted my buddy Daniel Woodrum and asked him to be an accountability partner and keep an eye on me (and I'm doing the same for him). We both have a sweet tooth, so we already planned that if we do experience a craving, we'll walk our butts to the store and get an apple.

Looking forward to taking my health and fitness to a whole new level,
Mikey "Less Pancakes for 12 Weeks" Whitfield
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