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Originally Posted by billy_quiz View Post
OK - back to the Transformation!!

Today I ran a mile and a half easy.
Then, TT Bodyweight Abs Workout B

Prisoner Squat x 10
X Body mountain climbers - 5 per side

Split squat - 8 per side
Elevated push ups - 5 per side
Plank with leg raise - 5 per side

Chop - 8 per side (with med ball)
Side plank - 20 sec per side
Reverse bridge - 10 sec

Then 5 x 25 KB swings

I used a KB for the elevated push ups which worked well. Still struggling with the reverse bridge - I can't seem to get into the correct position. I'm not sure if it's muscle weakness or lack of coordination!!

Normally I don't have any music on when I'm working out but today, for some reason, I had a disc of music we used for Kids Holiday club. It did compromise my rest periods somewhat because I couldn't resist singing along with great gusto and joining in all the actions - it was as much of a workout as the TT!!

Still no sweets or alcohol!! Hurrah!!
Oh how I love it when the gym is empty so I can sing along to my tunes! They say you're not supposed to talk while exercising. Well I say boo to they.

No drink and no sweets? Impressive, most impressive.*

*Sorry, I'm a star wars geek. Of course, only other like minded star wars geeks will have the faintest clue what I'm getting at. Everyone else will just think I'm peculiar.
And then my donkey fell down your waffle hole.
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