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OK - back to the Transformation!!

Today I ran a mile and a half easy.
Then, TT Bodyweight Abs Workout B

Prisoner Squat x 10
X Body mountain climbers - 5 per side

Split squat - 8 per side
Elevated push ups - 5 per side
Plank with leg raise - 5 per side

Chop - 8 per side (with med ball)
Side plank - 20 sec per side
Reverse bridge - 10 sec

Then 5 x 25 KB swings

I used a KB for the elevated push ups which worked well. Still struggling with the reverse bridge - I can't seem to get into the correct position. I'm not sure if it's muscle weakness or lack of coordination!!

Normally I don't have any music on when I'm working out but today, for some reason, I had a disc of music we used for Kids Holiday club. It did compromise my rest periods somewhat because I couldn't resist singing along with great gusto and joining in all the actions - it was as much of a workout as the TT!!

Still no sweets or alcohol!! Hurrah!!
Chris Curtis
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