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Hello everyone,

Had a busy few days!!

Thursday I finished writing the quiz and then ran it Thursday evening. I compile and run quizzes mainly to assist groups raise money for charity. I am not playing regularly myself at the moment but a couple of years ago I was ranked inside the top 50 in the UK.

The quiz proved very popular - I included a whole round with questions all about the 24th September asit was my birthday - and discovered a guy that I've known for about 15 years shares the same birthday!

Friday (my birthday) I had volunteered to act as bus driver!!

Jenny, my 11 year old daughter, has just started at a new school which is about 20 miles away from where we live. There is a parents co-operative who have bought a minibus to transport kids from our town to the school. One of the teachers lives locally and drives most days but she has Fridays off - so we have a rota of parents to drive on Friday. Sue(my wife) had put decorations up inside the bus which all the kids loved so it was a pretty good trip. One of the things I had for my birthday was the DVD of the original Italian Job (Michael Caine) There is a story behind it but I won't bore you with the details. So we had a family night in, eating Chinese food and watching the DVD. I also had some jellies as Jenny had used them to decorate my cake and some wine. i had pre-planned this before I started my challenge and so I'm not considering it a failure. The big success is that on Saturday I abstained from any sweets or alcohol.

Saturday I spent the day at Jenny's new school for an 'Envisioning' day. The school is a Christian school and outside the state sector. Consequently, they address the curriculum, the way in which they teach and the way they address discipline in a totally different manner. The purpose of the day was to inform new parents of the origins of the school, the ethos of it and how it all worked.

Today it was back to work - earlies. As I am working a cover shift today, I've been able to escape from my desk and take a lunch break - very unusual. So I took advantage of it to exercise.

TT Bodyweight Abs A

Lying single leg hip extension - 10 reps pers side
Mountain climbers - 5 per side
3 sets

Cross crawl - 8 per side
Pushup plank - 20 second hold
Side [plank - 15 second hold
3 sets

Close grip push ups - 10 reps
Stick up - 12 reps
Bird dog - 5 reps per side
3 sets

Rowing intervals
24 seconds on, 36 seconds off x 20.

I was a little poorer on the rowing intervals today - but I had completed the exercises first. I also completed a full 3 sets for everything for the first time so that's a positive.
Chris Curtis
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