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Smile msg from over the ditch :)

Hi Robyn

I am just trying to catch up with everyone's posts after being away for 4 weeks over in the UK, so am slowly working my way down the list, sorry it's taken a while to get to you.

I hope you are fully recovered now and fighting fit again, the miracle solution sounds great, could def do with some of that now and again!

Just been reading through your posts and I see that you are upset that you didn't get to be a finalist for the 6 week contest. It sort of sounded as though you were counting on the prize money to work on your house so I guess that sucks. But as Ma say’s there was no guarantee you would win, but pretty good chance I say, as you always do so well.

Sorry it hasn't worked out the way you planned, but you shouldn't see that as though no-one appreciates how well you have done, because I am sure everyone does.

You have taken part in and won several TT contests now, so you should be very pleased with your results. There is no doubt that you always have a fabulous transformation, your before and after photos are always jaw dropping.

Your photos from contest number 4 (I think) are totally amazing, but your finishing weight is really low, 110lb, and 10% body fat. This seems really low as you appear quite tall. Mind you everyone appears tall to me, I am a super shorty at 4'10"!!

As you have said yourself you lose the weight very quickly but also regain it quickly in between contests. I wonder if part of the problem is that your finishing weight was very low, or that you focus on the contest and winning too much, rather than finding a weight you can maintain.

I understand the yo yo dieting, there are a few; myself included that struggle with this. As you pointed after I won contest number 11, I regained 10lbs between contest 9 and 11, however this was over several months. You weight gain between contest 11 finishing and contest 12 starting was 25lbs in 3 weeks. That is some serious overeating to gain that much weight in such a short space of time especially if you are still doing TT workouts. I wonder if there is some underlying problem there with food. I say this as I have suffered with eating disorders all my life and still fight those demons, so I do understand the overeating/food issues.

When you finish a contest, do you stop doing TT and go back to your old eating habits?

Catherine has put in one of her posts that she believes there needs to be periods of weight loss and periods of consolidation where you concentrate on maintenance. I believe she is right, that has definitely worked for me while I have been overseas.

I hope you are not too upset that you didn’t get a placing because it has to be very hard for Craig and it could almost appear that you regain the weight in between contests simply to lose it again during another contest, although I am sure that is not the case.

However, I do worry that this continual weight loss and regain is putting a tremendous strain on your body both physically and mentally.

It is obvious reading through the forum that you have a wealth of knowledge and you are happy to share that with everyone which is fab. Maybe now is the time to focus on you and get this habitual yo yo dieting nailed once and for all.

Perhaps a goal of getting to a healthy weight you can maintain and building a healthy relationship with food would benefit you better in the long term.
As we all know TT is only part of the puzzle, nutrition is key and is definitely the hardest factor for me, so I understand it’s tough.

OK maybe I am completely off the mark here, and you can tell me to bugger off if you like, I won’t be offended, but I hope that you take these comments as they are meant, which is out of concern and hopefully to help. Because you are a bit of a worry girl!

I think you have said in the past that your Mum worries about you too and I can understand why, but then Mum’s never stop worrying about their kids, it’s part of being a Mum!

Well hopefully you are back on top form again and you can get back to healthy eating and working out. Spend some time chilling out too as it sounds like you are running yourself ragged what with work, your house, your dogs etc.

Maybe time to put yourself first
Keep smiling and keep healthy, Cheers for now Katie

cirkey sorry for the essay I had no idea I had written so much, man I can waffle on can't I!
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