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Default Day 5

Yesterday was day 5 for me.

Tried my mango with breakfast- only ate about 1/4 of it. It was pretty good. Has a texture like a peach but a more pinapple-y flavor. Packed the rest for work- I just am not a breakfast-y kind of person, so this eating breakfast is an adjustment for me so I'm trying to keep it small during my adjustment.

Went out and rode my horse; I'm very pleased with how she's been doing lately, and extremely happy with how settled she is in her new home. She seems more settled than she was in her old one, which is wonderful. Had a good ride (decent workout, I was sweating by the end of the ride). Stayed and cleaned my tack (a lot of walking/standing and scrubbing) which was extremely dirty so took about 1.5 hrs to do.

I was originally planning on going to the gym after I rode, but schedule wise it worked out better for me to put it off until after my four hour ER shift so that I could drop my dog off at my mom's (she keeps him on my long work weeks so I can stay with a friend for a few consecutive days and not have to drive the hour and change to and from work). So, I ran around with Lance the dog for a bit then took a shower and got ready for work. Dropped off the dog, then headed to work. It was busy but not crazy. I spent probably close to 3/4 of the shift on my feet walking or pushing patients around, so at least I was moving.

After work, I went home, packed for my primary job for the next few days (including food) and then went to the gym.

TT Beginner A again today; my personal bests? I did all real pushups for the whole thing (yeahh!! now to try and keep that up!), Raised my weight for DB squats from 20 to 30 lbs. Raised my DB Row weight from 10 to 15 lbs.

So that was my day 5. All in all a good day. I ate a few hershey's kisses, which I shouldn't have but I was at work and they always have crap for us to eat. After I realized I'd eaten 3 of them, I went to the lounge and got my pear and some almonds. I think a lot of this is just mentality adjustment. My fitday has the remainder of my food log. I'm still pretty concerned that I'm not meeting my 1200 calorie/day goal- I don't want to be eating too little but I'm really not hungry... thoughts on this? Also, how you do all meet the protein requirements? I feel like even with following the plan made by a nutritionist, I'm still not getting the recommended protein intake (should be about 100g or more due to my weight) ?

Thanks guys
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