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Default Counting down! New year, new me!!!

I'm feeling excited, I'm getting ready!

I went shopping today, a new job means a week of professional casual wear... what? not scrubs? Not ABUs? Not gym clothes... hmmm... I scoured my closet, and tried to tug items on. I've come to the conclusion that nothing fits me :-(
There's a danger in wearing uniforms that are made to be baggy. I am disappointed in myself.
Today is the day I examine the multitudes of workouts I can choose from and pick the one that is right for me.
I'm counting down to the 1st of the month, the first of the year. A perfect chunk of 12 weeks to get me in awesome PT shape. I'm excited to start running again. I'm excited to be sore from head to toe again. The amazing soreness that only Craig's workouts cause. Those deceptive simple looking workouts always sneak up on you, round one down and you're sweating. I'm ready.
T minus 3 days!

Best of luck to everyone!!
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