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Originally Posted by BurntSox View Post
I slacked off this week.

I'm not a bad person, and I didn't shave years off my life, but I wasn't really trying. I didn't divide my food into smaller meals, fueling my body all day long. I didn't find a way to get into the gym so I'd do my routines. I'm not drinking water, and I'm not even trying to increase my caloric intake (remember -- I want to gain 10 pounds through all this).

And I still played tennis with my wife, ran 10 miles, and had fun with my kids over the week.

However, two weeks into the challenge, I see some things I need to do:

I need to fix lunch to take to work, with enough installments that I can graze several times during the day.

I need to eat more -- the healthy rices and pastas.

I need to stop whining about how long my original BW TT workout takes, get up 15 minutes earlier, and do it.

I need to run once or twice a week (that one's just for me).

Today playing Ultimate Frisbee with the Marines and others at work, we split into skins and shirts. I'd like to think I held my own when I took off my shirt (Hey, I've got 20 years on them), but next time I want some re-spect! (We won, by the way.)

Hey there.

I was just reading through your latest post and I sensed a lot of guilt here. Its easy to be our own hardest critic.

but theres no need for you to do any of the things that youre talking about here. Beleive me I know... theres no need to beat up on yourself because you had a less than perfect week. I got it wrong for the first 4 weeks at the start of TC and still made the final, so dont think its all lost after 2. Since contest 10 I've had about umpteen false starts

What you could be doing is trying to find out the deeper reasons why youre doing this process... Once you find the underlying reasons, you will find the desire necessary to achieve what you want. Take a few backward steps.

It helps to

get support,
and have a contingency for when things go wrong.

preparation and anticipation are key here.

focus on a practical diet/nutrition plan that suits your lifestyle and personality first. If you only want to eat once or twice a day then do it. If you want to graze, then do it. theres no scientific proof that eating the same amount of calories in 1 meal is any better than over 6 or more. the workouts will sort themselves out, and are to a large degree less important.

Keep strong and get things into the right perspective, and the results will come.
Be your best and be better.

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