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I slacked off this week.

I'm not a bad person, and I didn't shave years off my life, but I wasn't really trying. I didn't divide my food into smaller meals, fueling my body all day long. I didn't find a way to get into the gym so I'd do my routines. I'm not drinking water, and I'm not even trying to increase my caloric intake (remember -- I want to gain 10 pounds through all this).

And I still played tennis with my wife, ran 10 miles, and had fun with my kids over the week.

However, two weeks into the challenge, I see some things I need to do:

I need to fix lunch to take to work, with enough installments that I can graze several times during the day.

I need to eat more -- the healthy rices and pastas.

I need to stop whining about how long my original BW TT workout takes, get up 15 minutes earlier, and do it.

I need to run once or twice a week (that one's just for me).

Today playing Ultimate Frisbee with the Marines and others at work, we split into skins and shirts. I'd like to think I held my own when I took off my shirt (Hey, I've got 20 years on them), but next time I want some re-spect! (We won, by the way.)

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