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Thumbs up Reflections 11 Weeks In

My 12-week contest period ends around December 3. I like the workouts that TT offers, and I enjoy seeing the camaraderie on these boards; I don't have a community of exercises to share experiences and workouts with.

But after 11 weeks I'll be damned if I've transformed anything. When I started the contest, my wife said, "Can't you just be happy with the way you are--you look great?" It would be nice to have affirmative muscle, but what I started without, however non-hulkish, is defined. More importantly, I can do physically pretty much what I want, and my clothes fit (when I take the time to buy clothes my size).

At 47, I may well not pack on 30 pounds of muscle, but more importantly I don't think I have the discipline to give up the group sports, the running, the family time in evenings, the 7 hours of sleep, execute a TT program that will PUMP [beat] ME UP. But I'm not conceding failure. I'm in a good place, and will continue to incorporate the basic principles of TT - good food in moderation, regular, focused exercise, positive attitude. I'll even submit pics for the contest.

But though it won't be a winning entry (I can't see any change!), it's been a winning experience for me. Thank you, TT.

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