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Originally Posted by PeterJankowski View Post
Kids are annoying at the best of times. lol. But sick ones are the worst.

Speaking of children my daughter (Lili) woke screaming at 2am this morning due to a nightmare. But then we couldn't find her little toy dog "Spotty" and ended having to turn the place upside down, including going out to check the car to find him. In the end he was actually tangled up in her sheets! By this time though we were all wide awake and I never got back to sleep.

That 5am alarm this morning sure did suck. Lili didn't hear a thing. Bless her.
One day you too will miss this, I PROMISE. I used to think I'd never get past the little kids being, well, little. Now my oldest has a baby of her own and my middle is a Marine and I only have the baby left and he's 6'4". I miss the middle of the night scramble for the stuffed animal or the blanket (don't lose the blanket) and one of my kids HAD TO HAVE this one particular jacket, all the time. We lost the really lost it. I miss it all...sometimes LOL.. It's great to be the grandma though. When I'm done I just hand him back hehehe
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