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Off-day today. Breakfast @ 6:00 = over easy eggs w/ mixed in dried plums, tomatoes, red peppers, a slice of brie cheese and pesto - my "concoction" that I love. Iced coffee w/ some cream (self-made) mid-morning, salad w/ some shredded chicken for lunch @ 11:00 am; dinner @ 6 pm of steak, salad and a baked potato (the splurge - don't eat these ever) - out to eat at a steakhouse.

Had to "present" at a faculty meeting today. I can talk in front of students all day but don't like too much speaking in front of my colleagues. I am so thankful that I learned how to do EFT tapping this past summer. It is an amazing technique that I use in stressful events, when I have muscle aches or headaches, and when I need to gain some focus. I have used it enough that I mentally "tap" sometimes and this I did in the meeting today, when it was almost my turn to speak. My heart rate started to elevate and I could feel my heart pounding, so I mentally "tapped" and within a few minutes, I was calm. Amazing stuff!

Work out will be done tomorrow morning before kiddos are up and getting ready for basketball games. My oldest boy is finally feeling himself and I am so happy for that! No more sick kids (for the year)!

We are exchanging one set of company tomorrow for a different visitor. My in-laws are leaving tomorrow from an extended trip - they were supposed to leave on the 6th but stayed when Dominic ended up in the hospital with meningitis and they stayed while he was home recuperating afterward. Then they stayed this past week since Damien ended up sick with strep throat and home all week. They leave tomorrow and then my Mom comes into town for a few days to visit, which will be nice. We haven't seen her since early November. The two parent sets will overlap for about two hours tomorrow at the kids' basketball games.

Should be a fun weekend and with healthy kids we will all finally get to try out our new roller skates!

I hope everyone else has a nice weekend, too!

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