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Default Workout updates

On the second day in STL (Monday), I did a bodyweight warmup and light workout in the morning for about 35 minutes, then in the evening did a weight workout in the hotel gym. After a warmup on the elliptical and my TT warmup exercises, I did the following:

pulldowns stack level 8/10 reps, 10/10 reps, 11/10 reps
pushups 15 x 2

standing cable row 80lbs/10 reps, 90 lbs/12 reps, 100 lbs/10 reps
incline press 20lbs/12 reps, 30lbs/10 reps, 30lbs/8 reps

DB hang, clean and press 20lbsx2/6 reps, 25lbsx2/8 reps
close grip pushup 15, 12

Cool-down and stretch 10 min

Yesterday I didn't work out, just walked briskly in airports several times.

This morning I did another of the mini-challenges I did on Saturday, this time for 3 minutes each. I think I paced myself too much!

overhand inverted row 15 + 12 + 13 + 10 + 13 = 63
pushups 15 +10 + 12 + 10 + 10 = 57
prisoner squat 80
cross body mountain climber 30 + 20 + 20 + 30 = 100
plank 110 sec/180 sec
prisoner lunge L 32 + R 33 = 65

Stretched and cool-down 5 min

I also walked at lunch with a co-worker for 35 minutes. I've made it known to several of my work friends that if they bring sneakers, I'm glad to walk pretty much any day. Even on the casual walking routes there are a couple of nice hills, so it's a pretty good workout even if I'm not doing hill intervals specifically.
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