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Default My mini-contest results

Just a note that I wanted to add. I was going to wait to add this till May 3, but might as well add it now. I have been doing my own little transformation contest while waiting for TTC #8 to start. My goal was to be 154 by the time it started on May 3rd, and I'm already there on 4/25!

Ending measurements from TTC #7 (with change during 12 week contest shown in () )

Weight 160 (-10)
Chest 37 (-1)
Hips 39 (-1.5)
Waist 29 (-1)
Waist at belly button 32 (-2.5)
Upper thigh 23.25 (-1)
Calves (-0.5 each)
Upper arm 12 1/8 (-3/8)

Current measurements (change since end of TTC #7 in () ):
Weight 153 (-7)
Chest 36 (-1)
Hips 38 (-1)
Waist 27 1/2 (-1.5)
Waist at belly button 30 (-2)
Upper thigh 22 1/2 (-0.75)
Calves are the same
Upper arm 12.25 (+0.125)

I ended TTC #7 on 3/22. So it's only been 5 weeks, and I've almost replicated the weight and circumference changes I saw during the last transformation contest. What factors have been the difference for me in getting these similar results in less time?

1. I'm keeping my calories lower than I was during the contest. My goal is under 1700, with occasional higher calorie days on the weekend.
2. I'm eating mainly fruits, veggies, and raw nuts, including low-fat dairy, and have reduced my meat intake. I don't really miss it, so it hasn't been a big deal.
3. For three weeks, I've been doing the gauntlet program which is a circuit with constant movement. I really like that kind of workout and with the noncompeting supersets I don't need much rest. It's amazing it can be such a good workout without using any weights but my own body weight!
4. I am back to doing pull-ups. That makes me happy, happy, happy!!! I'll work on continuing to improve my numbers there, without training to failure.

The smaller jean size is a definite plus. I'm excited about bikini shopping for this summer and am starting to see some abs. But one of the biggest plusses is that my wedding ring, which was really too tight to wear with my engagement ring (which I always wear) the past couple of years fits me again. I have been waiting and waiting for it to fit me again, and it finally does. So I am thrilled about that!
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