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Default Workout updates

After TT Gauntlet C3, my back/traps were sore and stiff, I think from the dumbell swing. With TTC #8 coming up so quickly, I decided to skip the last week of the gauntlet and take this week "off" to make sure that I am over any residual aches and pains. I've been doing a variety of things since the last gauntlet workout to keep active while resting up for the upcoming contest:

Thursday: Hill interval workout: Walked 10 min, 8 walking uphill intervals (60s up/75s down), walked 10 min for cooldown

Friday: Warmup, light bodyweight exercises 15 min, 10 min stretching/foam roller, bike 20 min, walked 10 min

Saturday: Mini challenge! Warmed up, then did as many (or as much time, for the plank) of the following exercises as I could in 2 min:

overhand inverted row 20 + 15 + 12 + 3 = 50
pushups 20 + 15 + 10 + 6 = 51
prisoner squat 56
cross body mountain climber 20 + 20 + 10 = 50
plank 30s x 3 (15s rest between sets)
prisoner lunge 23 + 25 = 48
step-up (bench) 32
explosive step-up (low step) 53

sprint 30s x 2
Stretched and cool-down 5 min

Sunday (travel day-to STL again-worked out in an empty hotel gym!)
After warmup:
Stability ball plank 30s
Stability ball rollout 20
Stability ball plank (knees) 30s
Stability ball jackknife 15
Side plank 45s
Stability ball hip ext 15
Forward lunge on bosu ball 10 reps x 2
Stability ball hip ext 15
dumbell swing 10lbs/15

Stretched and cooldown 5 min

I think I'm going to do a workout either tomorrow am or tomorrow pm, depending on how I sleep tonight. It's a nice gym, so I should take advantage of it if I can!
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