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Default TT Gauntlet C3

I did my third Gauntlet workout C today. I'm up to three circuits now-5, 10, and 5 reps. The whole workout took me 34 minutes total (Warmup (12 min), circuit 1 (7 min), circuit 2 (10 min), and circuit 3 (5 min) ). I just sped through circuit 3, that was crazy!

1) Kettlebell snatch (with dumbell) 20 lbs/5 x 2, 20lbs/10 x 2, 25/5 lbs x 2
2) Bodyweight squats 5, 10, 5
3) T-pushup 5 x 2, 10 x 2, 5 x 2
4) Chin-up 5, 10 (4, rest, 3, rest, 3), 5
5) Prisoner forward lunge 5x2, 10x2, 5x2
6) Decline close-grip pushups 5, 10, 5
7) KB (dumbell) swing 20lbs/5, 20lbs/10, 25lbs/5

Stretched 5 min

I did some prep work for TTC #8 today, went to try on bathing suits. I'm still working on finding the right one to wear for before and after pics.

It was a happy moment for me when I tried on jeans and found a pair of 6P sized jeans that fit me. I had nearly the same pair in 12Ps that I bought last fall, and on a recent trip I forgot to bring a belt and they were nearly falling down as I ran through the terminal to catch a flight so I knew it was time to get some new ones. I mentioned to the woman at the register that I had the larger pair and had lost 20 lbs and needed some new ones, and she asked how I had done it. I told her I was watching what I ate carefully and doing heavy weight training, and that was the secret to fat loss.
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