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phoenixb97 08-24-2014 02:05 PM

Pro take 2

what better motivation to transform my life and my business than a contest.

Take 2 in the pro division. Photos taken yesterday. Workouts to continue this week.

More concerned about the business transformation as posted in the green tea zone but this aides in it as well.


Craig Ballantyne 08-24-2014 02:23 PM

Keep on pushing on, you can do both!

phoenixb97 08-24-2014 07:32 PM


Originally Posted by Craig Ballantyne (Post 190748)
Keep on pushing on, you can do both!

I WILL do both. At the very least I will finish the transformation contest (by entering regardless at the 12 week) and continue to do the activities to produce results on the business end.

That being said, putting it out there, Should I start a new program (currently 2 weeks in to Meatheads Twist), or Start a new 4 week cycle with twist. I am slightly OCD lol and want to have 3 workouts match the 12 weeks.

Was thinking a new 4 weeks of Meatheads Twist/TT summit 2K13,/TT GMLF 2.0/TT Buff Dudes 2.0

Goal to increase strength and lean out. After taking measurements have to lose some inches.Maybe 3-4.

I will focus on one aspect. Eating well, planning.

The workout - TBD but one of the above. Suggestions welcome.

Mike L 08-25-2014 09:37 AM

Obviously I'm not Craig, but I would probably stick with Meatheads Twist for another 4 weeks. It just seems like a perfect Transformation contest program. Its got everything you need. Muscle Pumps, Sweat, and Major Intensity.

phoenixb97 08-26-2014 03:05 PM

So I actually started with GMLF 2.0. Did workout A yesterday and my legs are still feeling it.

Reason being is Workout C of Meatheads twist I actually on did half of one on the 2 weeks I was doing it. This was because of scheduling conficts and getting a bit of a cold. I didn't want to due 6 weeks of the workout but only 4 of workout C, a bit anal I guess. LOL.

So after GMLF 2.0 I will do Meatheads Twist. full version.

Craig Ballantyne 08-26-2014 03:26 PM

This will be fine.

1) GMLF 2.0
2) Twist

phoenixb97 08-31-2014 05:51 AM

Week 1 of GMLF 2.0 in the books.

Question for the forum best advice to stick to a diet plan/nutrition plan.


Craig Ballantyne 08-31-2014 09:01 AM

follow these:

LeslieM 08-31-2014 09:48 AM


Originally Posted by phoenixb97 (Post 191009)
Week 1 of GMLF 2.0 in the books.

Question for the forum best advice to stick to a diet plan/nutrition plan.


Blake-I find that I stick to the program when I not only have a weekly plan, but also a daily plan. I have a weeks worth of healthy food available. I usually only map dinner out a week in advance. Breakfast is usually eggs of some sort or a shake. Lunch is usually a hodgepodge of leftover protein w/veggies and fruit. For lunch and breakfast, I like to plan those before I go to bed the night before. On fast days, I will often prep my dinner meal the night before when I'm thinking clearly and not hungry. I think the key is just having a plan and making sure the right food is available. Having some stuff chopped and ready to grab helps too.(stuff like cucumber slices,bell pepper slices,zucchini noodles etc.) Be careful with the snacking. Plan those out too if you are a snacker. Hope that helps!

pageboy9 08-31-2014 10:13 AM

Best advice to stick to a plan
Once you've chosen your plan based on your history and preferences, there are some strategies to help you stick to it.

One of the most powerful ones that my clients and I use is committing your food every morning.

Craig posted this in an info-graphic, and I would add writing down what you intend to eat for the day to this list.

Top things to do that will change your life forever:

1) Get up 15 minutes earlier every week until you are getting up at 5am every day.

2) Spend 5 minutes in Big Thinking, 5 minutes in preparing your day, and 5 minutes in meditation/gratitude.

3) At the end of each day, identify your number one priority and attack that first thing the next morning.

Don't leave your nutrition to chance.

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