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tatjanaTT 01-05-2011 04:01 AM

Continuing my transformation
Hi everyone!

It is time for me to make it official commitment and start logging my progress during this transformation contest. I participated in TC #8 and had great results: lost fat and also improved my endurance and speed in running (improved my PR in halfmarathon for 4 minutes and 26 seconds with no special running training, just adding TT to it). After TC#8 I continued doing TT workouts, but my eating wasn't quite clean. But this was always my problem. I completed Booty for wife and Buff dudes & hot chicks. I have missed 5 Booty for wife workouts in 12 weeks because either I was not at home or it was race that weekend, but I have done 2 Bootcamp workouts and 5 round of madness instead. But I have not missed a single workout of Buff dudes & hot chicks - actually I have done it for five weeks and did all intervals and also some BW circuit workouts (Crazy 8 and 360 fat burning circuit) when I missed my running due to bad weather (freezing cold and showing). A lot of working out but almost no results, because of my mindless eating. Sadly but true, you really can't out train a bad diet :(

I finished TC #8 with following measurements:
weight: 59,9 kg
BF % (my bathroom scale): 22,1%
waist at belly button: 74 cm
waist at hip bone: 84 cm
hips: 97 cm
thighs (at widest point): 54 cm/54 cm
thighs (at middle): 50 cm/50 cm

And I'm starting TC #10 (January 2nd 2011) with following measurements:
weight: 60,9 kg
BF % (my bathroom scale): 22,9%
waist at belly button: 74 cm
waist at hip bone: 82 cm
hips: 96 cm
thighs (at widest point): 55 cm/56 cm
thighs (at middle): 50 cm/50 cm
I did loose some cm on my lower abdomen area and hips, but I gained some on my upper thighs. Which is the area where I want to lose it the most.

So I'm determined to improve my nutrition and finish this contest few kg lighter, so I can improve my halfmarathon PR a little bit more ;)

My short term goals are:
1. Do all TT workouts as planned. If I'm not at home (at my boyfriend's or my parent's house or traveling) I will do either BW circuit workouts or Bootcamp workouts that don't require equipment or go running
2. Stick to slow-carb diet with one cheat day (on Saturday) per week as specified in 4 Hour body and one ESE fast per week (from Sunday afternoon to Monday afternoon)
3. Keep food log. This has worked great for me during TC #8 even without tracking calories.

My long term goals:
1. Resist temptation to eat junk food. For me this is mainly sweets. My boyfriend is a chocoholic, but is also a ultramarathoner and he burns it all off with his workouts. He can eat tons of chocolate, ice cream and cookies, while I gain fat just looking at him. Just joking :D I almost always join him and cookie or piece of chocolate here and there just add up.
2. Eat only when hungry and not of of boredom or just because food is in front of me.
3. Continue with TT workouts. I can't wait for new BW cardio and TT for runners that Craig is planning to release this summer

- in January I will do Bodyweight cardio 3 three times per week, rotating workouts A, B, C and D on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
- Next I'm planning to do Clash of the Titans and Bodyweight Cardio 1000.
All that combined with running on Tuesdays, Thursdays and over the weekend. Mostly around 10K. If it will be possible (meaning enough show and my boyfriend is not working or racing) we'll go cross-country skiing on Sunday.

Enough said for now. I will post my before photos later ;)

tatjanaTT 01-05-2011 05:46 AM

My before photos - January 2nd 2011
3 Attachment(s)
Not the best photos, but I took them by myself using timer on my camera.

debz0773 01-05-2011 05:55 AM

Awesome Tatjana..! Did you do BW cardio workout B today.. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to walk properly tomorrow.. ( :

I'd like to do BW cardio 3 again down the track sometime. I'm using it now because I'm traveling but I'd like to make use of the stability ball exercises.

All the best!

tatjanaTT 01-05-2011 06:18 AM

Workout this morning was a killer :D
I did improve from the summer. Then I did all pushups on my knees and I hardly managed to do whole one minute. But today I did first few regular pushups and then the rest on my knees. So in round #1 I did 8 T-pushups and in round #2 I did 12 pushups and then the rest of them on my knees. Glose grip pushups are still a strugle, but I managed to do 3 regular ones and then the rest of them on my knees.
How did you do with get-ups? They seem so simple, but I have very bad coordination, so I'll have to practice a little bit more :D

Great for traveling are also:
Crazy 8:
360 fat burning circuits:

Food so far has been great, at least until lunch today. I planned to have a salad (cabbage, green beans, white beans and some greek salad with little feta and olives) with grilled turkey breast. But it was so crowded and the lady in the cafeteria said I would have to wait for half an hour because they have a lot to orders to fill. So I had to chose between fried breaded pork steak or grilled sausage with cooked beat in cream sauce (very popular national dish here in Slovenia in winter time). I chose fried steak, because these sausages are really fatty. I forgot that I have one can of mackerel fish in my desk drawer. I will probably use it tomorrow, because lunch choices for tomorrow also suck :(
Another challenge for today will be avoiding my mom's birthday cake. I won't eat any carbs in my next meal (I'm planning to have homemade stew with sauerkraut and meat) and have only small peace of cake. My mom asked me if they should also order a pizza for me, but I said I will eat before I leave from work ;)

tatjanaTT 01-05-2011 04:02 PM

Short update for today before I go to bed :)

I didn't eat at work, but I brought my meal to my parents house. Just warmed it in the microwave, when my mom came home, bringing lunch from my sister's. She had beef soup (plain soup with pieces of beef meat in pasta - something like tortelini but rolled up), salmon steaks, stirfried potatoes and apple muffins. No cake for her birthday. They decided to have birthday lunch on Friday. The we swapped meals, because she wanted to eat my sauerkraut-meat stew - she likes it a lot but cannot cook it, because my sister won't eat it because her 5 moths old baby daughter has problems afterwards (she's nursing) and my dad had operation on his large intestines few weeks ago. So I ended up eating soup, steemed salmon steak and pickeled reatbeat and pickeled cucumbers. Passed the potatoes and the muffin. Not that bad.

Then I got a little bit hungry in the evening and had half scoop of chocolate protein powder mixed with water and a little bit latter few pieces of meat from the stew and I small glass of red wine. 4 HB book says it's fine to have 1-2 glasses of dry red wine few times per week. If there is no progress in my weight loss or it will be to small, I will skip it. But for now, I'm enjoying it ;)

Another food challenges are coming on Friday:
1. birthday lunch for my mom and
2. baking a cake for my niece (my sister's older daughter) who is turning 2 tomorrow and we will have birthday party on Saturday.
I hope that I solved first one by telling my mom to order me grilled calamari with steemed veggies. Second one will be harder: can I make the cake without sampling?

debz0773 01-05-2011 06:18 PM


Originally Posted by tatjanaTT (Post 137927)
Workout this morning was a killer :D

How did you do with get-ups? They seem so simple, but I have very bad coordination, so I'll have to practice a little bit more :D

Great for traveling are also:
Crazy 8:
360 fat burning circuits:

Hey thanks for the links...great!! It seems most of the exercises seems simple.. I might just get a handle on some by week 4. ( :

gesunelson 01-05-2011 06:54 PM

Hi Tatjana,

Good luck with your transformation! I'm also following the Slow Carb diet from the 4 Hour Body book. Are you doing any of the other things he talks about either to assist fat burning or the stuff in the Damage Control chapter?

What I mean is things like the PAGG stack, kimchi or sauerkraut every day, cinnamon with coffee, air squats or triceps extensions against the wall before eating?

I'm trying to add them in one at a time and see if they have an impact. We'll see how it goes ...

tatjanaTT 01-06-2011 12:13 AM

Hi there! Glad to hear that there also somebody else following this diet :)
I'm not using PAGG - too expensive stuff (arround 100 for 1 month). I will spent this money rather on quality protein supplement, fish oil capsules and food. For now I will try without it. I think it should work.
But I'm using cinnamon in my coffee, lemon juice and squats before my lunch. I will try to eat fresh sauerkraut next week - I have to get it from my mom's. Maybe it will help me gases. How are you handling all those legumes?
Have to google what kimchi is. Haven't eaten or even seen it here :(

tatjanaTT 01-06-2011 03:03 AM

Day 5
Had a really good start this morning as my scale showed me 59,6 kg (-1,3 kg) and 22,1 % BF (-0,8%) :) I know it's mostly water, but it still motivating :)

No TT workout for today, just a run with my boyfriend in the afternoon ;)

Food for today:
- coffee with little cream and cinnamon
- Muscle Milk shake - I drank 1/3 after coffee with handful of pills (5 g of fish oil, multivitamin and Ca-Mg suplement) :D, rest of it I'll drink during the morning
- lunch: salad (cabbage, beans and greek, maybe some lettuce) + grilled turkey breats (plan A) or canned mackerel (plan B)
- if I'm hungry at 3 pm, I will make my self some protein shake
- after run: sauerkraut-meat stew
- dinner: leftovers from the stew or scrambled eggs with veggies (green beans + pickeled beetroot)

hal1 01-06-2011 08:43 AM


Originally Posted by tatjanaTT (Post 138031)
Have to google what kimchi is. Haven't eaten or even seen it here :(

Kim chee is a fermented asian food - very, very spicy. People in Hawaii eat a lot of it. In Hawaii they eat a few different types (mostly cabbage or cucumber) but essentially it can be any pickled vegetable that has Korean red pepper added to it during the making. I suppose there may be other varieties, but people in Hawaii love it and that's where my knowledge of it comes from.

I'm glad to see you signed on for the contest! I'll be cheering for you! And thanks for all your pointers on my hamstring strain/pull - I did some BW stuff last night mainly to just warm it up and stretch it out. I'm doing the 6-mo BW manual right now, so I just selected a few BW exercises that I've done recently. It feels a lot better today - little twinges, but it's definitely on the mend and the limp is gone.

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