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AlexB 08-29-2015 09:06 PM

Mini challenges -Alex
Joining in on the mini-challenges idea .....

Have been a coke zero fan for some time, but as we are moving in spring/summer down here not sure its the time to quit.

This week's challenge:

Get back on the Eat-stop-Eat system - 2 fasts a week
Drink water from my carry bottle (record on fitbit keep myself honest)
Zero coke is allowed but only after Tea or water first.

Craig Ballantyne 08-31-2015 10:13 AM

Zero Coke Zero!


It's becoming quite a theme in this contest.

Stay strong, Alex.

LeslieM 09-09-2015 09:17 AM

How's the no coke zero going? I love that stuff, but know that it causes weird things to happen to my brain. I've not had any for a while. I like the sparkling waters with no sweetners. Sometimes I add other stuff to them with some stevia.

AlexB 09-23-2015 02:28 AM

Sorry went a bit AWOL from TT members there .... took some time out to sit down & think what is important & where do i want to spend my energy.

But back to coke zero, have not been able to drop it, bit like smoking you have to really want it, don't really see the ill effects, but do keep my self to one can, helps keep my focus at work & nothing else comes near.

This week/next weeks thing has been no bread for lunch
so been doing the Fruit/yoghurt for lunch break + Homemade Apple/walnut bran mini muffins for mid morning ( am one of those people need to front load my day with food, end of day don't eat much)

Craig Ballantyne 09-23-2015 04:56 AM

Welcome back, stay strong, and while I want to agree with you on the Coke Zero thing, especially at just one a day, it's still a good challenge to push yourself to go without ... even 1-2 times per week... trying some alternatives, like Green Tea.

I never like to be dependent on anything. That's how I look at it.

Anti-fragile, as Nicholas Taleb would say.

Push on and stay strong!


AlexB 10-03-2015 06:41 PM

Funnily enough zero coke is not as prominent on the weekend, mainly tea drinker then, sorry cannot do the green tea, I have tried but it really is not my cuppa

Food is back on rack good breakfasts,lunch,dinners with lots of fruit veg ... just need to work on the snacks & eliminating the choc ( think those cravings are more magnesium thing)

so mini challenge for this week is to try the almonds first before thinking I need a sweet snack.

Craig Ballantyne 10-05-2015 08:59 AM

great work, although I really, really doubt the magnesium craving theory. Sorry!

Let's just be honest. Chocolate is amazing.

AlexB 10-10-2015 02:47 AM

Chocolate is divine ... but historically have found my cravings are often a magnesium thing ... this is why its good to experiment to find out we work as individuals :)

as posted elsewhere under Physio instructions to walk only ....

so my weekly goal is to say on track via fitbit tracking daily activity & ensuring hit those goals set within fitbit.

Craig Ballantyne 10-10-2015 05:59 AM

Stay strong!

AlexB 10-24-2015 05:18 PM

Last week has not been too bad

Tracking well on 10,000+ steps a day so definitely keeping active, always found a good long walk does wonders for my back issues & this continues to her the case.

Note to self once you find a good physio, be prepared to go without treatment if they have time off ... ( in other words replacement sent me back to start, as the way they practice was not good for my body). lesson learned.

4 weeks till my walking/hiking holiday, so making sure my newish boots are well walked in & wearing a weighted backpack for walks now + more hills ( not that there weren't any already)

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