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hal1 01-03-2012 09:29 PM

Surf's up: riding the wave
It occurred to me recently that as long as I focus on good nutrition and an effective exercise program, I will either be able to maintain my body in its current state or progress forward toward some new body/mind ideal. This seems to be very much like surfing (or boogie boarding, which is where my experience lies). In surfing, you are either in a lull between waves and maintaining the status quo or you are actively in the process of catching or riding a wave toward some new destination.

For the past month (roughly) since I finished TT contest #12 I have been in the lull between waves, focusing on maintaining the status quo. I've relaxed my eating strategies a bit, but not excessively, so as to enjoy the multitude of social gatherings that emphasize friends, family and food over the holidays. I have exercised very little, simply because despite a week long break from training after 12 weeks of workouts, when I started back up again I experienced some overuse issues with my previously injured shoulder. Then I suffered from cold/sinus problems and accompanying tiredness, etc. Then when I was feeling good from all that, for no apparent reason I felt some muscle pains associated with an old back injury, so I had to lie low until that was recovered; now I'm experiencing some knee issues relating to two long car trips within the same week. The back now seems fine, the shoulder seems fine, the sinus issues are mostly gone and the knee is in a wait-and-see mode. So it is a good thing that my goal had simply been maintenance over the holidays as it was unlikely I would have made any new progress.

I officially kicked it back into gear yesterday by restoring my more stringent nutritional standards. I will take my stats and pics after a week or two of this, figuring that by then I will be able to train and will have made up for any minor body changes that may have occurred under my more relaxed eating plan.

So here I go, riding the wave... I don't know if this will be a fast or a slow ride (but that doesn't matter as I am not an official contestant in this contest), but it will be a ride to a new and better destination. I look forward to riding the wave side-by-side with each of you and seeing you ride your own waves toward a new and better version of your current self.

hal1 01-04-2012 08:07 PM

I reported my goals at the end of TT contest #12, but I'll reiterate them here:

1 - To achieve 18% BF and whatever weight is necessary for this (I'm thinking around 128 lbs, but that is really just a guess). After I get to 18%, I'll decide if that's the right place or if I would like to go lower than that.

2 - To eliminate the remainder of the mommy belly on my lower abs. Right now it looks wrinkly, like a sharpei - I've no idea if this is loose skin or if there is still fat in there. I guess I'm hoping for the latter, as I can do something about fat but really don't know what to do about loose skin. The wrinkly stuff is hidden below my bathing suit for the most part, but I have a new pair of jeans that are very low rise, so when I take pics I will take some in these as you can see the mommy belly.

3 - To develop my back further, while avoiding any overuse injuries. I love KB (or DB) swings but have realized that I can't do two workouts in a row that utilize these or I get overuse twinges. I want to avoid twinges that become injuries. I had started MF and did 1 week of it when I started having all the problems I indicated in my last post - in this case, shoulder overuse was the issue. So I'm going to select another program - 15 min MRT or BWC 400 I'm thinking - and my target start will be Friday, providing I have no more knee issues. I need to look further at these W/outs to see if they fit the bill, but this was with a quick preliminary glance.

I'll add more goals as they come. I will stick w/ no snacking after dinner and no junk food except on weekends (in moderation) as my nutritional plan. I will undoubtedly use ESE as well.

That's it for now.

hal1 01-06-2012 12:15 PM

I'm doing a fast today...first one I've done in a few weeks now. It's not difficult, which is good. I've succeeded in my "no snacking after dinner" and my "no junk during weekdays" for this week with one exception - I ate a handful of honey wheat pretzels on the way home from the kids' allergy appt on Wed...the doc is located an hour away and one of the roads we travel is about the most boring road in the world, so I indulged a little bit.

I was just reminded about the benefits of BW workouts and decided to opt for BW for the next 4 no MRT-15 but will do BWC400 OR phase 6 of 6-mo BW manual. I had done phases 1-5 previously but never did phase 6. I have the rest of the day to decide :p...I will likely do the workout this evening after kids have gone to bed as today is a busy day work-wise. The semester begins Monday so I'm trying to get my syllabi and semester activities (labs, too) figured out for the class I haven't taught recently while tweaking things for the usual classes.

I will plan to take pics this evening or tomorrow. It's in the 60's today and is supposed to be tomorrow so I can take pics outside easily. Gotta love the NC extremes - we had 30's as highs to start the week and it was a freeze just to change clothes while inside the house - now I'm talking about standing outside in minimal clothing.:)

hal1 01-07-2012 01:56 PM

I completed my fast yesterday - it was about 22 hours. I ended it with a piece of toast since my stomach felt upset (which was why I ended it). I think perhaps it was just too much acidity since I had drank both coffee and diet soda earlier in the day.

I started working out today rather than yesterday as planned since I was busy and very tired yesterday. But I slept a good 9 hours today so I'm feeling good and looking better today.

I opted for phase 6 of the 6-mo BW manual for my next workout. I did only 2 times through on each circuit since I wanted to see how my various body parts would react. I got near to the end when my knee became unhappy, so my lunges became something a bit different. And I was going to do a set of MF instead of intervals at the end but given the knee protest I did neither. I'm definitely trying to ease back into this and I think my body is telling me I'd better ease in slowly.

My shoulder felt good today. Oh, and I think I figured out why my back was strained after Christmas. Before Christmas I was having ab spasms on the 23rd and 24th and I'm guessing the lower back strain was a secondary effect of these spasms (boy, did they hurt!). BTW what triggered the ab spasms were mountain climbers as part of a warm up. No such problems today (nor back issued, either) when I did mountain climbers, thank goodness!

Here's the workout -week - phase 6 of 6-mo BW manual:

Day 1 Workout A
1A) T-Squat 12 repetitions
No rest.
1B) Pushup 12 repetitions
No rest.
1C) Reverse Lunge 10 repetitions per side
Rest 1-minute before repeating the circuit once.

2A) 1-Leg Squat 8 repetitions per side
No rest.
2B) Towel Chin-up As many reps you can do - - no towel; 3 band-assist
Rest 1 minute before repeating once.

3A) Feet on Bench, Hands on Ball Pushup 15 repetitions - yeah, sure. I tried this and got 5 in then went to the floor for 10 more normal push-ups. Did 15 reg. push ups in round 2.
No rest.
3B) Stability Ball 1-Leg Curl 12 repetitions per side
Rest 1 minute before repeating once.

4A) Inverted Row with Feet on Ball 15 repetitions - did 10 both times
No rest.
4B) Decline Pushup 1 less than the maximum number of reps you can do - did 10 then 15.
Rest 1 minute before repeating once.

5A) Siff Squat 20 repetitions - bothers knees so did reg. squats, 20
No rest.
5B) Spiderman Pushup 12 repetitions per side
No rest.
5C) Forward Lunge 12 repetitions per side
No rest.
5D) Mountain Climbers 20 repetitions per side
No rest.
5E) Ab Wheel 10 repetitions
Rest 1-minute before repeating the circuit once.

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend.

RobB 01-07-2012 05:00 PM

Originally Posted by RobB

How about that.......I finally was able to get this site to take on some pics.....

Christmas Eve on the Summit of Camelback mountain and Christmas Day skydiving.

That looks fun! What a great way to spend Christmas! I'm really jealous!

It was fun. I dont know how much you read, but I also did HOT Yoga (room was 105 degrees) and Pilates, in addition to the other 2 items...........we raced go karts too.........daughters camera went for a ride on the pavement, but still works........LOL..........wish I could do it all over again..even the sushi.......but I can skip the sake'(sock-E)..........that stuff is terrible..........Rob:)

hal1 01-10-2012 11:37 AM

I've been off the forums for a few days. I went overboard a little bit on the weekend and ate a bit more junk than I should have on Sunday. I also broke my rule on the weekend of eating after dinner. I remember from last time when I had to get back to a stricter way of eating that there was a transition period. I will get back into the habit; right now it's a day at a time.

Yesterday (Monday) I did a fast. It was only about a 20 hour fast since I had a snack late the evening before. Then I had to fight to NOT eat last night. I instead used a smoothie to get me through, which albeit calories, is at least healthy. This worked last time when I was transitioning to a stricter way of eating.

I will workout tonight. I put it off last night due to tiredness from my first day back at work (I've been working at home since the New Year). But tonight is my night.

Not off to a great start back to my goals here, but that's what happens when you loosen up the reigns a bit. I've always known that the loosening was just for the holidays and that I'd get back afterward. I guess I figured it would be easier to transition back! :D

hal1 01-10-2012 09:25 PM

So did alright today w/ nutrition...ate one small candy (turkish delight) for 40 calories right after dinner, but that got rid of the craving for something more. So while it wasn't within the plan, it was better than my alternative might have been.

My weight has been w/in 3 lbs at all times since ending the last contest, so all in all I'm doing well. This evening it was w/in less than a pound, which is good since I weigh less in the a.m. which is also when I usually do my weigh-ins.

I need to do body measurements at some point...and I still need to take some pics of the lower abs as I didn't get to it this past weekend. I'll put it on target for this next weekend.

hal1 01-10-2012 09:31 PM

Oops...forgot to post the workout for today.

My right knee is still not feeling "normal" - it actually felt like my kneecap was going to go out of place again - so I played it easy once again esp. on the lunges/squats and did nothing extra like intervals or MFs.

Also stuck w/ just 2 times through as this is week 1 still.

Turbulence Training 6-Month Bodyweight Manual
Phase 6 Workout
Workout B

1A) Cross Crawl 12 repetitions per side
No rest.
1B) Multi-Direction Lunge 9 repetitions per side
No rest.
1C) Inverted Row 10 repetitions
Rest 1 minute before repeating one more.

2A) Bulgarian Split Squat with Front Foot Elevated 15 repetitions per side
No rest.
2B) Knee-up 10 repetitions
Rest 1 minute before repeating one more.

3A) Pushup with Hands on Ball 25 repetitions
No rest.
3B) 1-Leg Deadlift 12 repetitions per side
Rest 1 minute before repeating one more.

4A) 1-Arm Inverted Row Maximum number of reps you can do per side - Yeah, whatever! :o I couldn't even come close to one of these. I opted for "hop up" chin ups instead - did 4, 3
No rest.
4B) Close-grip Pushups Maximum number of reps you can do per side - did 15, 25 - both sets kneeling
Rest 1 minute before repeating one more.

5A) Jumping Jacks 80 repetitions
No rest.
5B) Reaching Lunge 12 repetitions per side
No rest.
5C) Sumo Squat 15 repetitions
No rest.
5D) Spiderman Climb 12 repetitions per side
No rest.
5E) Bicycle Crunch 50 repetitions per side - this sounded like a bad idea based on recent back issues so I did back extensions on a stability ball - 25, 25.
Rest 1 minute before repeating one more.

This was a good workout!

debz0773 01-11-2012 06:28 PM

Hi Heather.. Riding the TT wave.. that's great. The 6 month BW program looks good. I'm up in the air about what I'm doing really. I started big 6 to get going.. but.. a body weight could be good too.. look after your knee

:eek: my daughter likes this face.. that's all..

Keep riding the wave Heather... :)

concetta27 01-11-2012 07:38 PM

Heather I did phase 5 and 6 at the end of a contest. So many push ups. Got in pretty good shape though. Good luck. Concetta

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