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leogarza 01-13-2012 11:04 PM

TC-13 Leo's Journey
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Hello TTers,

Ready now to post my pictures and begin the contest. I expect to have the required motivation, inspiration and discipline to keep up with the workouts and diet.

I will follow the TT Manual workouts and the Simple Nutrition Principles.

This is my first Contest. Last year I worked for about 12 weeks but fell of the wagon about 3 or 4 months ago. So I am starting again but this time I hope to have even more motivation and stick to the program as much as possible and even continue with the TT workouts after the 12-week contest period.

I weighed myself and the result was 72kg (159 lbs). By September 2011 I was 152 lbs, so I gained 7 pounds. Which actually is something I do want, which is to gain mass, but muscle mass, not body fat, which I am sure that the 100% of those 7 pounds is fat, maybe even more since I sure have lost muscle mass since my last workout. (I will measure my bodyfat % soon)

Anyway, I plan on first burning the fat and at the same time get fit and improve my overall physical condition, then after maybe 12-16 weeks I plan to work out to gain some muscle mass until I can reach 165 lbs.

Short-Term Goal:
I finish the TT Workouts and stick to the Simple Nutrition Principles during the first 4-8 week period by March 14, 2012).

Long-Term Goal:
I weigh 165 lbs and have 9% bodyfat by July 28, 2012.

Starting Point by January 13, 2012.
Weight: 159 lbs
BF% (According to Digital Calipers): 16.6%

Thank you all for your support and I wish success to all competitors.

Leo Garza

Craig Ballantyne 01-14-2012 07:15 AM

Well done Leo, and welcome to the contest.


leogarza 01-16-2012 06:41 PM

...Start your engines
Thank you Craig...

Well, Saturday January 14, 2012 was my first official contest workout. I am doing the Intermediate Level Workout of the TT Original Manual.
However I started a couple weeks before with some very light training 2-3 times per week and doing only 1 set per exercise so I could be working out the complete workouts once the contest started.

So now the engine is running and I hope for it to be at full throttle in a couple of weeks.

Yesterday (Sunday 15) I did a little TRX exercises, very low rep and just 1 set, around 5 minutes total workout only. I also did some grocery shopping for the week.

My food choices this past weekend were not the best but they were not that bad either.

Today (Monday 16) I will do my TT Workout-A at 7pm.

Sticking to the plan 1 workout at a time and 1 meal at a time.

Leo Garza

Lesa 01-16-2012 08:27 PM

Hi Leo,

I love using TRX Suspension Trainers. I use them on a regular basis. You’re on the right path by going grocery shopping and planning out your meals for the week.

I am with you….One day at a time Leo, one day at a time.


leogarza 01-17-2012 01:39 PM

Thank you Lesa!

Your support helps me a lot to keep working out.

I hope that after a month of working out and eating clean regularly my routine can become a habit so it will be easier to continue...

Today is my off-day so I will do the TRX Circuit Workout performed by Chris Lopez, which goes like this:

10 reps of each,
Bulgarian Split Squats
Inverted Rows
Atomic Push-up
Hamstring Leg Curls
Tricep Extension
Bicep Extension

I'll post tomorrow how it goes and how I feel... I hope it is not too much for an off-day.



leogarza 01-19-2012 12:30 PM

Very Off day
Well, in the end I did not do the TRX Circuit last Tuesday. It was an off-day and when I arrived home from work my 2 year old daughter received me with a big hug and told me that she wanted to play with me so I couldn't resist and stayed playing with her for the evening and had dinner together with both my wife and my daughter.

I really enjoyed it and the rest was well appreciated by my body.

So fully rested on Tuesday I did TT Workout B on Wednesday.

Today is off-day again. Maybe I'll do the circuit or maybe just 30 min of elliptical...I would prefer to take my daughter to the park with her bike, but the weather is a little cold today.

My nutrtion has been OK. Getting enough fruits, vegetables and almonds and eating fish, chicken and some red meat. And of course some carbs like rice, bread and tortillas. One of my weaknesses is the Sodas when eating. I like Coke, not Diet Coke, regular Coke or Pepsi, but I have defeated this habit before and now is no exception so I have been drinking water and green tea only. Also coffee without any sugar.
It is difficult at the beginning, but then I get used to it and it is actually good to taste things as they are supposed to taste.

I am not complicating myself with the nutrition part. I am not counting calories, nor exaggerating with portions nor over eating nor staying hungry. I am simply changing food options to much more healthy ones.

I'll report back later...Thanks!

Leo Garza

leogarza 01-20-2012 05:13 PM

TRX for off day
Yesterday was an off day so I decided to give it a try to the TRX Circuit.
I did 3 rounds of the circuit. It took me around 9-10 minutes each round and I rested for 1-2 minutes between circuits. So in the end I did around 30 minutes of activity, which I have to say was not so light.
V-pikes on the TRX are hard, and Hamstring Curls on TRX are harder than on the ball.
I guess I just need to practice more and get my core stronger.

My shoulder muscles are sore but is the kind of soreness you get after a good workout, so it is OK.

I wil see how I feel on today's Workout A.

Since today is Friday, we will invite some friends to our house and grill some steaks. So I need to do my training session as early as possible after work. I think I can start at 6:30pm so I can finish by 7:30pm, stretch, take a shower, and be ready by 8:00pm

This is tha main problem I have about training in the evenings. We have parties, friend meetings, we invite friends over to our house, family gatherings, etc. etc. so it sometimes hard to comply to the training session and this causes me to skip them...

I have tried to train in the mornings at 6 am, but I have so much trouble raising myself early. Besides I don't like to train with an empty stomach.
I try and I try but it is hard. Even sometimes when I have already raised myself and even I am already warming-up I start thinking: "this is insane... I should be sleeping, it is dark outside..." finally I finish the workout and then I feel great and do not regret it, on the contrary, I feel better for having done the training already in the morning.

Any suggestions anyone on how to really wake up in the morning with a training mentality?



joallen001 01-21-2012 08:40 PM

Best of luck to you Leo

leogarza 01-23-2012 04:35 PM

Thank you joallen!

leogarza 01-23-2012 05:02 PM

Shoulder Pain...
I did Workout A on Friday 20, and I rested for the weekend.

Today, Monday 23, I will do Workout B. However I will see how I perform since I started with some pain in my left shoulder.

Apparently it is an inflammation of the rotator cuff. I have a calcification formed in my shoulders and every year I suffer from this kind of pain in both of my shoulders. For now it is only on the left one. I've had this problem for about 12-14 years now.
It is a chronic pain that comes and goes away mainly when there is a change in the weather temperature.

Anyway, I will not let this to stop me from staying active. If I am not able to perform certain exercises I will simply skip them. But I plan to continue training because I know that the pain will soon disappear and I don´t want to lose my progress.

I have to say that my nutrition this past weekend was not very good. On Saturday I went to the stadium to watch a game of the Mexican Soccer League (Monterrey vs. Pumas) and I had at least 6 beers. But I did not drink any beers nor cokes on Friday nor on Sunday. My Sunday breakfast were some pancakes with maple syrup, so not so good again. But well, I have to enjoy this journey too, or else I will crash and quit for good which I think is worse than having one or two or three occasional cheat meals.
It is better to change little by little the bad habits than trying to change everything in one day.
By doing little changes I will be getting closer to my goal. Maybe I will take more time to get there but I will be enjoying it in the process and making it easier to achieve in the long term.

Leo Garza

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