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firemedicrr 12-30-2010 02:14 PM

Dictionary: the Only Place Where Success Comes Before Work- My Transformation Thread

For those of you who don't read the new members forum, here's a background on myself.

I am joining the 10th transformation contest in hopes of getting in much better shape. A little about me: I am a full time paramedic (read this as: someone with no chance for a sleep schedule at all, especially not one that grants more than 6 hrs sleep/night!); I work full time in a local county here on the ambulance and I also work part time in a local Emergency Room (that just so happens to be one of the biggest in the State, so also very busy). I work a strange 12-hour day schedule at my full time job and I work nights at my part time job when I have a few back-to-back days off. I'm also going to school to finish up some things to apply to nursing school in the future (searching for a better long term schedule!)

In my free time (ha!) I play with my very very active 3 year old lab-mix named Lance (he'd give Bally the dog a run for his money in the 6-pack ab department ;) ) and I also own a horse that I ride competitively.

I started putting on weight about 4 years ago when I went into this profession full time; before I worked so far away, I was able to ride my horse every day and I was also eating as a vegetarian for some food allergy reasons. Take those two things away, and I have added 40 pounds to my normal 110 to 115 -pound figure. So, I'm looking to lose around 40 pounds; but more importantly I want to feel better! I have no energy, I'm constantly tired, and I have a hard time carrying patients around (which is a big part of my job).

I have tried other workouts, specifically those created by a personal trainer and by the program I get for free at my gym; these were cardio intensive and led me to some plantar fasciitis problems. I've also had some problems from a horseback riding injury from 8 years ago, so I'm hoping to strengthen my core and alleviate some of the hip pain I experience on a regular basis. I'm sooo ready to say no to long boring cardio!

Here's to a healthier me!! I started my workouts (beginner just to be safe) and took my before photos yesterday. I'm looking forward to what lies ahead!

Starting Stats:
Height: 5'4"
weight:149.7 lbs
Bust: 40 inches
Ribcage: 33 inches
Waist (navel): 34 inches
Waist (widest): 36 inches
Hips: 41 inches
Right Thigh: 26 inches
Left Thigh: 25.5 inches
Right Arm: 12 inches
Left Arm: 12 inches

Workouts: I am starting out with TT for beginners, will follow that with the Intermediate workout, but I am debating whether or not I want to do the original TT advanced last or do another workout.

Challenges: I will be on vacation out of the country for a week during week 10 of this contest for me. (So, for at least that week, I will probably need to do the TT hotel room workouts or bodyweight cardio workouts).... I'm also looking at this as a positive too, because I will have a great body to show off by then!!

My day to day schedule is very challenging as far as eating as scheduled goes. We often get calls that keep us out of the building for 4 hours at a time. The plan is to try to pick snacks that don't need to be refridgerated that I can carry in the medic unit with me. Also trying to keep my meals simple so that they take minimal time to prep/eat for the same reasoning.

Diet: Following whole, natural, unprocessed one ingredient foods diet; lots of vegetables and fruits on top of what I normally eat. It'll be hard to give up the fast food that I am so used to on our busy days with no food for hours on end, but I'm committed.

My Fitday food log:

I think that about covers it for now. Sorry for the long post ;)

Craig Ballantyne 12-30-2010 03:51 PM

Looking forward to your success! And so is your dog!

firemedicrr 12-30-2010 04:10 PM

Craig, What do you suggest I do as my final 4- week workout? I started with the beginner workout this week (I'm fearful of an overuse injury like I experienced last time, as I tend to really push myself and not know my current physical limitations very well) .... I plan on following this with the intermediate exercise as recommended.

Would you recommend the original advanced TT workout for a finish, or one targeted to women specifically (Buff dudes, hot chicks; bodysculpting for women; booty for wife)?

Also, to maximize results, would you recommend doing cardio intervals for 2 of my off days or doing bodyweight exercises?

Thanks Craig!

Craig Ballantyne 12-30-2010 04:43 PM

I like to take things 4 weeks at a we'll decide about that final program after the Intermediate.

Do the main 3 workouts and one extra workout, not two.

How do you plan on doing intervals?

If running, than do bodyweight exercises on your off we avoid any risk of plantar fasciitis.

firemedicrr 12-30-2010 04:54 PM

Hi again Craig,

Thanks for the great advice so far!!

As far as intervals go, I planned on doing my 30 seconds 7/10 with 90 seconds 3/10 running and doing the 60 seconds 7/10 with 60 seconds 3/10 on the stationary bike, just to play it safe. I'm assuming it's okay to switch it up like that, or do I need to pick one and stick with it?

Makes sense to do the bodyweight on the off day, hadn't really thought about it like that.

Thanks again!

Craig Ballantyne 12-30-2010 05:24 PM

Your plan is excellent!

firemedicrr 12-30-2010 06:12 PM

Thanks, Craig :) You've been a huge help already.

Okay- so I forgot this in my original post:

3 short term goals:
-Follow my meal plan this week, adding only veggies or lean protein when I feel hungry between meals/snacks
-Lose 1 pound of fat this week (hopefully achievable!)
-Get 7 hours/sleep a night this week or as close to it as possible (probably a long shot, but I'm going to try)

4 long term goals: (I know, big dreamer here, right!!)
-Lose 35 to 40 pounds of fat or drop my body fat percentage below 20. (Last estimate by the personal trainer I tried working with by one of those hand held deals was 28 percent, I believe?)
-Do 2 unassisted pull ups
-Hold plank for 2 minutes and side plank for 1 minute 30 seconds

Day 1:
My day one was yesterday- I slept in (I guess I needed the sleep); got up and made breakfast
breakfast: 3 slices turkey bacon, 1 cup steamed veggies(broccoli, cauliflower, carrots), 1 pear.

Wasn't feeling very well at all yesterday early afternoon, so I didn't go ride my horse as I had planned.

Bought my paper, took my before photos (am I really that pale?! and so out of shape?! They do say the camera adds 10 pounds, right? we will see what the after photos end up looking like ;0 )

Played with the dog (we play hide and seek; I should video it and put it on youtube, it's rather comical. I hide, he finds me, I chase him, he runs out of sight on the farm, I hide again; he looks where he first found me and I'm not there, I sneak up on him, repeat sequence about 100 times for my energetic dog)

Dinner: 3 oz deli lean chicken breast, spinach salad with cucumber, celery, tomato, 2 tsp EVOO.

Yesterday night was line dancing, something I started doing when I was like, 16 or so. I love it; fun to get out and move, it doesn't feel like a workout but during the advanced class I break a sweat!

Snack: 1 oz almonds, 1 small green apple


TT Beginner Workout A. (Loved the looks in the gym, those poor guys had no clue what I was doing)
Beginner Interval Cardio workout A.

All in all a good day. I was tired by the time I went to bed; I got about 4.5 hours of sleep before I had to get up to come into work, but I do get to go back to sleep when I get to work for about 2 hours if we don't get a run, so I got pretty close to my 7 hour goal. I'm satisfied with this.

firemedicrr 12-30-2010 06:32 PM

Day 2
3 Attachment(s)
Today is Day 2 for me!!

Started off bright and early (Around 0400 hrs here) to get up and leave for work. A little background here: In my original post, I mentioned that I work 12-hour days as a Paramedic. My shift works a rotating 3 week schedule (Don't worry, even my boyfriend and mom have no idea when I work, it's a miracle I can figure it out). Today, Tomorrow, Mon, Tues, and Wed I have to be at work by 0600 and work until 1800. I live a little over an hour away from work, so in order to be early (which is how my type A personality makes me be!) I'm up by 0400 on days this week in my schedule. Next week I am off (5 days straight, one of the only nice things about my schedule). The week after, I work 0500-1700; so up by 0300 hrs. Anyone wonder why I can't get 7 hrs of sleep a night now? I've been on this schedule for 2 years and I'm still not used to it; but I have weekends off, get a nice break every few weeks, and when it's not busy I can do my own thing (which includes free fitness facility, but that's only at one station, which is the one I'm not stationed in this week).

Okay, so get to work, slept til 0800, got up, ate breakfast: 3 breakfast sausages (applegate farms!), 1 cup spinach, 1 cup blueberries.

Did my daily work assignments, started up my membership here...

Worked on schoolwork (working towards nursing eventually), did some medical chart auditing (I'm sort of in charge at a volunteer rescue squad too, here's to being overstretched!)

Lunch: 3 oz turkey in spinach, tomato, cucumber salad with fat free raspberry viniagrette dressing, 1 cup cooked veggies.

More chart auditing

Snack: celery sticks, raw almond butter (1 tablespoon)

Now I'm here!

Today is my "off" day, but per CB's recommendation, I think I will make today be my bodyweight exercises day; I'll stop home and play with the dog for a bit, eat dinner (3 oz chicken breast, more spinach salad (I actually do love spinach) 1 pear), then go to my bodyweight exercises. After that it's laundry and to bed for me (probably some light reading beforehand), to be up at 0400 again tomorrow!

I guess I'll put up my before pics... It's only going to get better from here, right?

Maybe Craig can tell me if the bodyfat percentage is accurate?

RobB 12-30-2010 07:34 PM

I guess I'll put up my before pics... It's only going to get better from here, right?

hey Paramed.......That will be a true statement.......stick with it!!!!!!!!!!!

Starbuck1517 12-31-2010 08:32 AM

Welcome and congratulations on getting started! It sounds like you have a great plan mapped out despite your crazy work schedule. Just stick to it and you will love what you see at the end of the 12 weeks! Good luck!

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