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  1. Best Transformation Tips?
  2. How to take your photos
  3. How do you "do" the Transformation Contest?
  4. Food plans - quick survey
  5. Rules for 12th Contest
  6. Year of the Abs
  7. On the road again...
  8. The Abs Factor
  9. Free The Figure
  10. All I want for Christmas...
  11. Melting my Midsection
  12. "You dont know what you got, till its gone"
  13. Carpe Diem...
  14. Boot + Bahookie = Great Success (Borat voice)
  15. The hanging belly
  16. Another shot at elusive 6 pack
  17. Jump on the SkinnyMan Bandwagon
  18. 127th Time's the Charm
  19. Liz is back! And she wants her muscles back too!
  20. Let's do it again!
  21. My birthday present to myself
  22. Never, ever, ever give up.
  23. Try'in to get rid of "Floppy"
  24. Just took my before picture :(
  25. The Final Countdown
  26. Julio is in
  27. In It to Lose It 84 Day Workout Journal
  28. Beating the baking fairy
  29. one more time.....
  30. Back for Xmas
  31. Can Winners Re-enter the TT Contest?
  32. Thank you...
  33. Belly & butt flab beware: you're going down!
  34. Back on Track!!
  35. For those about to rock...
  36. On the "do over" wagon
  37. "Don't stop me now..."
  38. My First Transformation Contest
  39. Let's do this!
  40. Rob's back on track
  41. Making Good Great - Neil's TC12 Thread
  42. Going for 80
  43. change your mind, change your world
  44. Gimme a six pack
  45. "I am so grateful"
  46. Lamest Excuse Ever...
  47. A Little Late at Starting, but I Am on My Way
  48. Mission banish bum!
  49. Wishing everyone good luck
  50. It's time to finish what I started...
  51. Let's get this started! Introduction.
  52. I'm In
  53. Charles Mclaughlin's 12th TT Transformation Contest Thread
  54. Marching On...
  55. Will there be a 6 week...
  56. Official Entries for the 6-week mini-contest of the 12th TT Transformation Contest
  57. 6-week Contest Finalists - please vote
  58. 6-week Contest Winners (12th Contest)
  59. 12th Contest 12-Week Entries Here
  60. Jason and Beth have finished excuse making!
  61. My TT Contest #12 contest submission
  62. 12th contest finalist voting
  63. Congratulations 12th Contest Winners